Top 10 Reasons to Love Waluigi Haters

Waluigi Fans are Annoying. But at least Waluigi Haters are Awesome

The Top Ten

1 They have common sense

This list is the embodiment of mental retardation and crippling depression combined. - TheYoshiPyro64

I have no reason anymore to respect ToadF1's opinion seeing how offensive his comments and lists are. - darthvadern

We all know this hatebrat will never respect opinions, there are pretty much no Waluigi fans on this site and this guy is as annoying as I were when I bashed Zootopia. These haters offend Larry, Waluigi, Dry Bowser and Lewmmy fans so much and they use offensive words like retard and dumbass! I hate Waluigi haters far more than the fans. - darthvadern

2 They are too nice

Just about as nice as you claim the fanbase to be; if not, worse. - TheYoshiPyro64

LMFAO no way! They are offensive turds that offend fanbases of the generic characters! I can understand PGP fans but not even them deserve to rot in hell! - darthvadern

3 They are honest

This hatebrat just needs to stop bash Waluigi. - darthvadern

Waluigi haters are not awesomne - darthvadern

4 They know how bad the character is

People have opinions unlike you, offensive vandal! - darthvadern

Of course! He's MUCH worse than Pink Gold Peach! HAHAAHAHA-No! People can have their own opinions, so accept that! - TheYoshiPyro64

5 They have good taste

There's no such thing as a good taste! - darthvadern

6 They know that there are far better characters out there

People are allowed to think he's the best character! - darthvadern

7 They are so cool

We got a fan here

Proof of bandwagoning! How is it cool to call someone dumbass or retard!? - darthvadern

8 They have good reasons to like wario
9 They respect opinions

NO WAY! They call Larry Koopa fans turds though these fans are innocent! - darthvadern

10 They aren't spammers

They spam the Waluigi hatred all over TheTopTens so this item is incorrect! - darthvadern

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