Top 10 Reasons to Love Waluigi Haters

Waluigi Fans are Annoying. But at least Waluigi Haters are Awesome

The Top Ten

1 They have common sense

I have no reason anymore to respect ToadF1's opinion seeing how offensive his comments and lists are. - darthvadern

ToadF1 and his friend circle are the biggest jerks on this website.

We all know this hatebrat will never respect opinions, there are pretty much no Waluigi fans on this site and this guy is as annoying as I were when I bashed Zootopia. These haters offend Larry, Waluigi, Dry Bowser and Lewmmy fans so much and they use offensive words like retard and dumbass! I hate Waluigi haters far more than the fans. - darthvadern

2 They are too nice

LMFAO no way! They are offensive turds that offend fanbases of the generic characters! I can understand PGP fans but not even them deserve to rot in hell! - darthvadern

3 They are honest

This hatebrat just needs to stop bash Waluigi. - darthvadern

Waluigi haters are not awesomne - darthvadern

4 They know how bad the character is

People have opinions unlike you, offensive vandal! - darthvadern

Waluigi Sucks - ToadF1

5 They have good taste

There's no such thing as a good taste! - darthvadern

6 They know that there are far better characters out there

People are allowed to think he's the best character! - darthvadern

7 They are so cool

Proof of bandwagoning! How is it cool to call someone dumbass or retard!? - darthvadern

8 They have good reasons to like wario

Wario is a Good Character - ToadF1

9 They respect opinions

NO WAY! They call Larry Koopa fans turds though these fans are innocent! - darthvadern

10 They aren't spammers

They spam the Waluigi hatred all over TheTopTens so this item is incorrect! - darthvadern

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