Top Ten Reasons to Love Watchmojo


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1 They make informative lists about good entertainment purposes.

I hate it - IceBearRules

Why watchmojo is great

They are living cancer - Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak

I just wish most of their lists weren't so predictable. - Garythesnail

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2 They make lists in order due to popularity.

That makes me wonder, how in the world did Gravity Falls make it onto the worst Disney cartoons list? Mind boggling and unforgivable. - keycha1n

Then again, it's their opinion. And I find Gravity Falls overrated. - MontyPython

Also they have 8978 videos the most videos on YouTube

3 The cast members are nice and funny.

They are boring.


they try

4 They respect opinions.

I know right? After Top 1 was put and explained, WatchMojo says "Do you agree with our list? ", then later tells us to express our own opinions. Thanks, Watchmojo!

5 They have a lot of subscribers and views.

Not a valid rason to love them

Well yes, that is because they kept throwing unnecessary lists with predictable contents, yet the people still watch them. - TheRegular1227

6 They make more lists than you can think of
7 They're very intelligent.

They are not intelligent. They make stupid picks for their lists

8 They make good series lists like greatest movies.
9 They like the comedy group Monty Python.

And that makes me happy! :D - MontyPython

10 They don't care about what people say about them.

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11 They're keeping people away from terrible YouTubers

I think they are keeping you away from good youtubers. You know. That are better than this crap channel

We are afraid that WatchMojo might keep us away from AniMat, Nostalgia Critic (and his homages such as Bobsheaux, The Hardcore Kid, CodedLockFilms and Media Hunter Reviews), Jambareeqi, The Disney Brain, PhantomStrider, Anna Blue (and her boyfriend/bestie Damien Dawn), Cartoon Palooza, Musical Hell and so forth. >8(

12 They create playlists

Please watch my YouTube videos and subscribe to sausagelover99

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