Top 10 Reasons to Love Wolves


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1 They're Misunderstood

The person who said wolves ate the girl who helped children with disabilities, PLEASE stop spamming! You could've told us more about this girl! You didn't even tell us her NAME! Humans are so overpopulated anyways!

All wolf haters are as silly as Justin Bieber!

Wolves Always Are And Will Always Be My Spirit Animal! As they are many other People's as well!

Wolves Are The Most Amazing Creatures And Deserve To Be Given A Chance!

I Dislike Wolf Haters! - AwesomeFan

Misunderstood my ass. Wolves are aggressive, fierce, territorial, and have killed plenty of people. Have you heard of that girl who helped children with disabilities, well some wolves killed her. Not so majestic or caring, are they, wolfaboos?

2 They're Gentle

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We get it. You hate wolves. Well then, if you hate wolves so much, then why don't you get off this list and make yourself useful?

Sure, gentle. They kill for fun, they beat their pack members brutally, they're aggressive and extremely territorial, they treat the pack members of lesser rank like trash, and they attack without provocation. How gentle!

3 They're Relatable
4 They're Great Role Models

What? Wolves are awesome anyway!

Wolves actually are great role models as far as families. Some packs lead better lives than some human families! - Survivor101

Yes, kill everyone who comes close to you, kill for fun, beat and bully your weak family members, be a savage dictator. Perfect role model!

5 They're Highly Intelligent
6 They're Playful
7 They're Beautiful

All wolves are beautiful. - Pegasister12

8 They're Strong
9 They're Brave
10 They're Determined

The Contenders

11 They're Loving Towards The Wolf Pups

HAHAAHA! You really don't know how wolf packs work, do you? Wolf packs are dictatorships, the alpha is free to bully and beat the pack members of lesser rank, that means pups.

12 They're Badass
13 They Represent Power and Loyalty
14 They're Cute
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