Top Ten Reasons to Love Zendaya


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1 She's a Terrific Role Model

That's true, I think teen girls and even younger girls should look up to her. She's just so classy, polite and she embraces her uniqueness.

I love Zendaya so much... Her clothes, her behavior, her attitude, and her dance moves inspire me a lot.

She inspires girls to be little rude bland fashionistas.

2 She's Smart

Both her parents are teachers, so no mystery there. - IsaiahWill22

3 She's Beautiful

I'm 17 and yes she is amazingly beautiful!

4 She Is Very Respectful

When she was asked for her opinions on Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, she said those were their decisions and she'll only focus on her own. - IsaiahWill22

5 Not a Bad Singer

She isn't good either

Her voice dosen't crack, she dosen't need autotuning. - IsaiahWill22

6 Great Actress

I see an Oscar in her future. - IsaiahWill22

7 She's a Great Dancer

Watch "Shake it Up." - IsaiahWill22

The wip and nay-nay is better than her dancing, and the wip/nay-nay is horrible.

8 She Has a Lot of Fans

My own grandmother loves her, "Dancing with the Stars" made her very reconizable. - IsaiahWill22

9 She Was Cheated On "Dancing With the Stars"

She had first place in the bag! Kelly Pickeler just got lucky. - IsaiahWill22

10 Wonderful Personality

She does have a wonderful personality. She's bubbly, funny and adorable.

She is so sweet and lovable!

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11 She's more involved with her projects than Bella Thorne

I agree on most of these. But this one is true. Bella Thorne is a good singer and actress, but Zendaya is better. much better. - funnyuser

12 She Knows What She's Doing
13 Good Songs
14 She donated to charities for her 18,19, and 20th birthday
15 She's the Only Thing That Made "Shake It Up" Enjoyable Other Than the Dancing and Music
16 She Made It to Second Place On "Dancing With the Stars"
17 Her Album (Zendaya) 2013

An amazing album with th best beats and shes just amazing

18 KC Undercover KC Undercover
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