Top 10 Reasons Mario Kart 8 Is Overrated

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1 Roster

If you remove the counterparts in metals/babies/koopalings, you're just left with roster from the last handheld game! Talk about crappy padding.

This is the worst roster in the Mario Kart franchise because some Nintendo staff members chose to come up with 7 pathetic clone characters to replace a veteran's spot like Diddy Kong's. FIRE THE HEAD OF MK Nintendo, HE MUST HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM! Don't tell me that the baby princesses are radical, they are pathetic! BUt, at least Kamek will be introduced to the roster once some better people are hired. They could've replaced those 7 clones with worthy veterans like Dixie and Diddy Kong, Dry Bones, King Boo, Honey Queen, Kamek, and Birdo, but NO, they came up with 7 stupid clone characters for the roster. Oh my god, this roster is horribly redundant.

Half a roster of garbage counterparts and not enough individuals.

Total garbage roster! What was the head of Mario Kart 8 thinking when Nintendo replaced fantastic characters like Honey Queen, Dry Bones, Birdo, King Boo, Petey Piranha, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Kamek with rubbish ones like Metal Peach, Metal Mario, and the 5 babies? Even Funky Kong is better than those 7.

Metals, babies, and koopalings, oh my!

The character roster takes a backward step for the very first time in Mario Kart history. Instead of various unique minor characters, like Birdo, Dry Bones, Honey Queen, Petey Piranha, and Bowser Jr were, we get only a few returning unique minors, and a new metal, a new baby, and every single koopaling clogging up the roster. - airbb

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2 Item Distribution

Unlike previous kart games, now you can only hold the items you receive? What the suck? That is lame because you can't really deploy an item to deflect a red shell item.

The racer in second recieves 3 red shells while the poor soul in ninth gets coins and single mushrooms?

The Nintendo staff members who came up with the Spiny Shell item should be fired!

1 This list is stupid.
2 Stop spamming Peach or Daisy, because you're only one guy. - DaisyandRosalina

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3 Lack of Battle Arenas

Now, the battle mode contains arenas remixed from a regular Grand Prix course and hardly distinguishable from a regular kart race. What the HECK? Nintendo, you're going to take out one of the best features of the game, which would have been easy to replicate or improve upon, and slap the name on a rehashed racing mode? That is just shoddy labor.

Now the battle mode courses horribly redundant. They tried to copy 8 of the Grand Prix courses and paste them into the Battle Mode. UGH! That's just shoddy, boring, and horrifying labor, Nintendo!

The battle arenas were now remixed from 8 Grand Prix kart courses and are now nothing but a lame copy. What the SUCK?

What the hell is wrong with you if you like playing on tracks more than arenas?

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4 Simple Tracks

At least Rosalina's Ice World, Neo Bowser City, Moonview Highway, and DK Summit didn't appear in Mario Kart 8. They are trash!

At least VS Mode is back and Neo Bowser City is gone.

Even the retro tracks were nerfed. Yoshi Circuit is missing a number of piranha plants and the minecarts in Wario's Goldmine are no longer obstacles. The original rainbow road is nowhere near the nightmare it use to be.

Wow, even N64 Rainbow Road has been nerfed by turning it to only one lap, instead of two. Two is good.

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5 Blooper Blooper

Why is this useless item still present?

6 Pink Gold Peach

Pink Gold Peach just took up a spot that could've gone to Dry Bones. She is the reason why Mario Kart 8's roster is lanky. I want to kick the 5 babies and the 2 gold characters out and replace those 7 with Honey Queen, Dry Bones, Dixie Kong, Birdo, Diddy, Kamek, and King Boo and that right there is a perfect roster. They could've introduced Kamek and Dixie Kong to the new Mario Kart character spotlight. But NO, Pink Gold Peach instead!

I can't believe Mario Kart 8 is high on the "Top 10 Mario Kart Games That Shouldn't Be On the Worst List" list. And why is "Double Dash" top 1?! Mario Kart 64 should be top 1!

I would rather replace this metal strand of hell with Honey Queen and Dry Bones, force Peach as a locked character, or make Daisy as the default character.

Why do you want to kick the 5 babies and the 7 koopalings and the 2 gold characters out? but you are ok with the koopalings right? Because you guy dislike the 5 babies and 2 metal characters and the koopalings?
If you guys seen Mario kart 9 no more clones(like 5 babies, 2 metal, 2 animal clones and dry Bowser) guys seriously don't care? right? Just because, I already told Nintendo to bring back all playable characters from previous Mario kart game, do you guys love me now? That me if Nintendo agree with my idea, I think that will be a perfect roster, I am OK with the adult and variety characters(Especial Bowser and Yoshi and Waluigi.) If you guy think I want to kick those garbage characters like the 5 babies and the 7 koopalings and the 2 gold characters and dry bowser out in order to give the place for worthy new characters right? wrong! Because I just want all playable characters from previous Mario kart game return! come on guys!

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7 Nerf Starman

Outside the sucking battle arenas and the bland roster, the head of Mario Kart 8 decreased the Starman power.

8 Morton's the New Funky

Thank god we didn't have to look at a plethora of Funky Kong on Flame Runner Harleys. That was a large issue in Mario Kart Wii. This setup hacked online. Everybody found that sickening Grumble Volcano shortcut for that course using that combination.

Funky is slang for whoever is way overused for online gameplay.

9 Re-Reused Tracks

That's only in the DLC packs guys.

I still find it weird how DK doesn't have a console track (either new or retro). He just has the track from the last handheld game.


For example, Yoshi Circuit and SNES Rainbow Road. Now they were nerfed.

10 Princess Peach Princess Peach Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.

She Appeared In Every Game! That's It! I'm Starting To Like SEGA! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Morons. Peach is the main female character. This hate on Peach is DUMB. - DCfnaf

Nobody wants this stupid "damsel in distress" 'character', she is TERRIBLE! - KennyRulz244444

Dear CuteJigglyPuffGirl, go see "Top 10 Reasons Why Sonic Adventure 2 Is Awful" and "Top 10 Reasosn Why Sonic X Is Awful". And the Princess Peach fanbase is so wild that it makes Beliebers look slightly tame.

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11 Firehopping

Can't they just return the firehopping trick instead of making this game suck?

Fire hopping is an exploit and it should be removed to make things fairer.

12 Baby Peach Baby Peach Baby Peach is the infant version of the major character from the Mario Series, Princess Peach. She is mostly known for her appearances in the Mario Kart Franchise in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8 as a playable character, but she also appears in other Mario games, including Yoshi's Island DS, in which more.

Sometimes I wonder... is that a pacifier or bubble gum sticking out of her mouth - Katekat123

13 Baby Rosalina Baby Rosalina Baby Rosalina is an infant version of the major character from the Mario Bros . Franchise, Rosalina . She first appeared in Mario Kart 8 as a playable character and is now one of 5 baby characters in the roster, alongside infant versions of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Princess Daisy .

Please go away and we could replace Baby rosalina with some clever characters rather than having another clone!

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14 People Say This Is Better Than All Mario Kart Games That Are Older Than Mario Kart: Double Dash!!!

Please, calm down, whoever wrote this title. Mario Kart 8 is much better than all other Mario Kart games, but it's just my opinion. NOT because of the ruined Battle Mode, roster, or Coins, but because of the anti-gravity, and the amazing track design.

The best thing about Mario Kart 8 would definitely be the anti-gravity and the worst thing about this game being the Princess characters (Rosalina rocks, though Baby Rosalina is cool) and their clones/baby selves!

Please respect people's opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Nostalgiatards got on this list. It is better than the originals. Graphics, controls, tracks, and music are all better than the originals. - DCfnaf

15 The Controls

The A button is your gas pedal, but the bottom left trigger is for shooting items. What the HECK!

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18 Lightweights Are Nearly Useless

You have to be a fatty for a solid chance of victory.

Poor Toad. He was so useless, thanks to the bastardized Nintendo. - KennyRulz244444

And that's why I made my Mii bigger.

My story of Mario kart in this. Comet>Slim>MKTV Parafoil is my combination along with one of the fatties.

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19 Peach, Daisy, Baby Peach & Pink Gold Peach's Voices V 1 Comment
20 Annoying Voices

Only interesting factor of this is how annoying the character roster is!

Shy Guy now has new sound effects in Mario Kart 8 like OH NO!

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