Top 10 Reasons Mario Kart 8 Is Overrated

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21 Lightweights Are Nearly Useless

You have to be a fatty for a solid chance of victory.

Poor Toad. He was so useless, thanks to the bastardized Nintendo. - KennyRulz244444

And that's why I made my Mii bigger.

My story of Mario kart in this. Comet>Slim>MKTV Parafoil is my combination along with one of the fatties.

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22 Peach, Daisy, Baby Peach & Pink Gold Peach's Voices

Peach clone fanboys must get their faces punched.

23 Annoying Voices

Only interesting factor of this is how annoying the character roster is!

Shy Guy now has new sound effects in Mario Kart 8 like OH NO!

24 The Box Art
25 It's for the Wii U

The wii u sucks they stopped making games for it the SAME YEAR THEY CREATED IT! - Katekat123

Wii U is awesome! Stupid Console Fanboys. - DCfnaf

26 Pink Gold Peach Is Extremely Bad-Tempered

What? - DCfnaf

27 Gamerscore Addition/Subtraction System
28 Way Too Many Restrictions In The Track Design
29 Toad is Still a Tiny Lightweight Character

Last time I checked, Toad was meant to be a strong character. Peach deserves to be in this category. - KennyRulz244444

30 The Mii Voices

Oh god

31 200cc
32 Online Play

It's here, Because I can't stand it - ToadF1

33 Only One Item to Hold
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