Top 10 Reasons Math is Awesome


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1 Math doesn't require good memory

Yes it does - JaysTop10List

How are you meant to remember all the formulas - lbelle0527

2 Math has a lot of variation

Next time you're bored thinking about the quadratics on your notepad, think about how its principles extend to the energy states in organic molecules, or predictions of financial market behaviour. Mathematics unravels a vast diversity of fascination, so explore it! What's stopping you?! - PositronWildhawk

3 Math is everywhere in life
4 Math gives your brain a workout
5 Math requires thinking skills
6 Word problems are so much fun

This list gives me more reasons to hate math. - Therandom

Way better than just solving raw equations.

I support math


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7 Math requires use of logic
8 Math challenges you to think clearly
9 There can be many ways to solve one problem
10 It's Easy

It depends. I have taken most, but not all math courses, but based on my experiences and reviews by my sister and several classmates:

1+1 is easy
algebra is easy
pythagorean theorem is easy
algebra is hard
geometry is hard
probability is hard
statistics is hard
calculus is IMPOSSIBLE
trigonometry is IMPOSSIBLE

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11 One screw up on a proof messes everything up

And that's a good thing? This list gives me more reasons to hate math. Congrats!

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