Reasons Megadeth is Better Than AC/DC

I’ve already done one for Metallica; now it’s Megadeth’s turn.

I’m not saying I don’t like AC/DC; I think they’re a pretty good band. But Megadeth > AC/DC any day of the week.

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1 Megadeth is far more varied than AC/DC

Listen to Holy Wars and then listen to Back In Black. Then tell me AC/DC has more variety. Hell, listen to ANY Megadeth song and tell me AC/DC is more varied!

AC/DC are very generic, I still like them though

2 Megadeth is much less basic

I’m not saying something basic can’t be good, but AC/DC is just boring. AC/DC is so basic it makes their music unenjoyable. Megadeth is complex enough that they don’t reuse the same formula in every song, so they have actual variety!

Metal is less basic than hard rock. I do like the simplicity of ACDC as it makes them raw but I agree

3 Megadeth experiments

That's true, this is a good comparison list so far

Risk wasn’t a good album. But it was experimenting. Megadeth experiments on damn near every album they make. AC/DC just reuses the same basic formula over and over again!

4 Every member of Megadeth has more skill than any member of AC/DC

Dave Mustaine alone could take all of them! His guitar skills destroy Angus Young’s! Angus can’t play and sing Holy Wars!

Except for Mustaine's singing

5 Megadeth is far more active than AC/DC

For example: in the time it took AC/DC to get out the Rock Or Bust album, Megadeth managed to put out three. All of which were better than Rock Or Bust.

6 Megadeth puts more effort into their music

I agree, ACDC have never changed much

I’m not saying AC/DC puts no effort into their music; they just put in minimal effort. They reuse the same format. It gets stale. Megadeth has much more complex music, and they put more effort in.

7 Dave Mustaine is a better guitarist than any member of AC/DC

Although the young brothers aren't good but Dave Mustaine isn't also a very good guitarist compared to his fame. He is likely the most overrated guitarist in metal. But the only reason I voted it because Megadeth had even better guitarists. Marty Friedman, Chris Broderick, Kiko Loureiro etc. - zxm

He's a better guitarist than most guitarists

He annihilates them. He has to play those complicated as hell riffs and sing at the same time! Malcolm wrote most of AC/DC’s riffs, and he could also play them better than Angus, but he didn’t because he’s lazy.

8 Megadeth has better lyrics

"thunder thunder thunder" gets annoying - EliHbk

ACDC has very hard rock lyrics

You can’t even deny that. MEGADETH HAS BETTER LYRICS.

A song about religion and war (Holy Wars) or songs about sex, drugs, alcohol, and ROCK?

A song about Dave Mustaine’s ex girlfriend who almost pretty much ruined his life/a tribute song to Cliff Burton (In My Darkest Hour, my favorite Megadeth song), or ALCOHOL AND ROCK?

9 Megadeth has better bass

David Ellefson and any bassist Megadeth has had is better than any of their bassists!

10 Dave Mustaine is a better singer than any of AC/DC’s

Can't agree to that. - Undistinguished

No, Dave sucks in singing - SoldierOfFortune

That's not true, he even says himself he's bad at singing. Also 8/10 comparison list, some items are kinda used twice

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