Reasons Megadeth is Better Than Slayer

I love Slayer; I love all four of the Big Four Of Thrash Metal.

If I were to rank the Big Four best to worst, it would go as follows: Megadeth, Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer.

But, yeah, Megadeth is better than Slayer. Easily.

In my opinion.

The Top Ten

1 Megadeth has more variety than Slayer

Basically everything on this list is a legitimate criticism. - kempokid

Yeah Slayer aren't too varied

Slayer Songs: Raining Blood, Pooring Blood, Drizzling Blood, Foggy Blood. - SoldierOfFortune

Slayer is awesome. But they have very little variety. Megadeth has a lot of variety; Holy Wars...The Punishment Due is one of the most diverse and complex songs I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Slayer is awesome, but really.

2 Megadeth focuses on making complex, solid music; Slayer just focuses on being heavy and brutal

I'm not sure if that is true but it might sound like that

I’m not saying Slayer doesn’t try to be good; but Megadeth focuses on complexity rather than heaviness, and Slayer’s music suffers sometimes because they focus on being heavy rather than making good music. Their music is still good; but not as good as Megadeth’s.

3 Megadeth is more complex than Slayer

I’m not saying something that’s not complicated can’t be good; but Slayer is too simple and straightforward for their own good sometimes. Megadeth has enough complexity to beat out Slayer in this area.

The vocals are more complex in Slayer

4 Megadeth has better production than Slayer

Go through their discographies and listen to each album back to back and tell me which one has better production.

You don’t need good production to be good; but Megadeth has this advantage, their music is more pleasent to listen to.

I know that, but Slayer is just difficult to listen to sometimes. - CostcoHotDogs

5 Megadeth has more good songs than Slayer, plus they make better songs in general

In My Darkest Hour is better than Seasons In The Abyss, Peace Sells is better than South Of Heaven, Holy Wars...The Punishment Due is better than Raining Blood, Hangar 18 is better than Angel Of Death, Mechanix is better than Black Magic, Wake Up Dead is better than Hell Awaits, and many others.

More talented*

More good is subjective

6 Megadeth has better lyrics than Slayer

I agree

Slayer mostly just writes about killing people, hell, or some other. I’m not saying they have bad lyrics; just, again, lacking in variety.

Megadeth has more political and anti-war lyrics. Songs about the atrocities of war or the futility of petty political struggles or what Slayer writes about?

I mean that in the kindest way possible; Slayer has plenty of songs with meaningful lyrics, but Megadeth is superior, lyrically.

7 Megadeth keeps their sense of humor intact and doesn’t take themselves to seriously all the time; Slayer has practically no sense of humor and they take themselves too seriously

Megadeth has their mascot Vic, who can be funny. Their album covers can be funny. They have funny songs.

Slayer has no mascot.
Slayer has no sense of humor.
Slayer has no funny album covers.

See what I mean?

I think part of Slayer's humour comes from their seriousnous

8 Megadeth is more active than Slayer, plus they have more good albums

Slayer has 12 studio albums.
Megadeth has 15.

Some of Megadeth’s albums weren’t great.

Megadeth’s albums that weren’t good: Risk, The World Needs A Hero, Super Collider
I thought those were okay.

Slayer’s albums that weren’t good: Divine Intervention, Diabolus In Musica, Undisputed Attitude
I thought those were just okay.

I think the discography, “okay” albums-wise balances out, but Megadeth has more good albums.

9 Megadeth has better guitar work than Slayer

Holy Wars...The Punishment Due or Raining Blood? HOLY WARS.
Hangar 18 or Angel Of Death? HANGAR 18.

Slayer has great guitar work from Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman (RIP), but Dave and all of the other lead guitarists Megadeth has had beat out Slayer.

10 Megadeth has better and more audible bass than Slayer

David Ellefson is a better bassist than Tom Araya. Half the time with Slayer, you can’t hear the bass that well! With Megadeth, you can always hear the bass.
Look up isolated bass audio tracks for either band, you’ll see what I mean.

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