Top 10 Reasons Metal Fans Are Worse Than Pop Fans

I had to do this, I've tried avoiding this but most metal fans are too much for me to take.

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1 They think loud music is better than actual music with meaning.

Clearly you learned nothing from your previous list. Although they are loud, they have way more meaningful stuff than Three Days Grace will EVER write. And also, even the gorey and "satanic" bands have a lot of meaning.

For example, Edgar Allan Poe is considered one of the greatest poets of all time. He didn't write about his relationships and first world problems. He wrote graphic, horror poems. That's exactly what bands like Cannibal Corpse are doing. They are creating horror stories in the form of music.

And the reason, if you're wondering, as to why we like loud music, its because its energetic. My boss said it best: "I don't wanna listen to this boring stuff, nothing makes me wanna get old and sit in a rocking chair like soft music." And she is a huge fan of Black Sabbath, Disturbed, Metallica, and Megadeth. It makes us feel alive. I have seen incredibly old people at metal shows, and they are more active than the majority of teens. Head banging, singing along, ...more - ryanrimmel

You call Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and so on, "Actual music with meaning"? How is autotune "actual music"? And where is the meaning?!?
Look, even non-metal fans will tell you that you are wrong.
Besides, loudness and lyrics are not related. You can shout or whisper the same lyrics - the meaning is the same. - Metal_Treasure

Please tell me how your favorite songs have meaning? You can't cause they don't. - XxembermasterxX

Loudness is just the volume, it has nothing to do with a song's meaning. - SamuiNeko

2 They start fights with people that don't like metal music for no valid reason.

You're probably referring to this site. You criticize metal music (as I said) and we refute your claims and defend metal. That's not starting a fight. That's called a debate. I mean, look at the presidential election. The candidates disagree and refute each other in the debates, but that isn't a fight. Never hear anyone say "Hey did you watch the Republican Primary Fight last night? " - ryanrimmel

This is totally ridiculous! Did you add this item just to make up the numbers? If anything it's the other way round. I find those who like pop are more argumentative,critical and far more up themselves than those who love metal. Some of the calmest, kindest and most respectful and easy-going people I've met are metal fans. - Britgirl

Oh dear... Who made this list and started fights with people that like metal? And what was your valid reason?
I am a metal fan but I made a list called "Top 10 Music Genres You Respect Without Being a Fan". - Metal_Treasure

Says the person who didn't have to make this list but did anyways. - Songsta41

3 They criticize people without looking at themselves.

Oh, the hypocrisy of this item... Jeffrey, please take a look at yourself before criticising others. - IronSabbathPriest

I'm gonna answer with some lyrics by Metallica, although you believe metal lyrics are meaningless.

You said: “They criticize people without looking at themselves.”
I say: "You labelled me, I'll label you." (The Unforgiven). - Metal_Treasure

No hun, that's basically all the top tens community.

Let me guess, you are using the stereotype that all metalheads have dyed hair, skinny jeans, lots of piercings and tatoos, and cut themselves.

If your not talking about that, then let me ask, when have you seen this? People who do that are just trolls. It has nothing to do with the music they listen to, fans of pop, rock, rap, and edm all do it too.

And if this is a reference to the metal community within TheTopTens, we don't criticize you personally. You criticize our favorite music genre within inaccurate claims and we refute it. - ryanrimmel

4 They don't understand sub genres as they think they do.

Actually Metal Fans do understand subgenres - Soulstealer

No. YOU don't understand subgenres. Do a Google search, you'll find that Metal is a rock subgenre. Metal just was influential enough to inspire over 100 subgenres and microgenres. Even the craziest death metal, most blasphemous black metal, it all goes back to one place. Heavy Metal. And Heavy metal is officially a rock subgenre, deny it all you want, all your doing is proving me right when I say that you are closed minded and have no clue what you're talking about. - ryanrimmel

... Says the person who made a list on Classic Rock Bands, and put at #1 and #2 hard rock bands (ACDC, Queen) and not classic rock bands, and at #3 - Nirvana. Nirvana is grunge dude, a subgenre of punk - nowhere near classic rock. I don't wanna talk about that anymore. - Metal_Treasure

And pop fans do? - 906389

5 They think metal is above all genres.

I personally think that classical music is above all genres but metal is my #1, my favorite.

And I know that metal isn't for everyone and I even said that several times in different contexts. - Metal_Treasure

I personally do, because it's my favorite genre. Why is that bad? You think three days grace is the greatest thing ever to happen to the world, but you criticize us for being metalheads? - ryanrimmel

Jeffery, have you even looked at his underground band lists? Or considered that Ghost, a band as modern as Justin Bieber, is one of his favorites? Or seen his post about how 2015 was a great year for metal? Metal didn't stop in the 80's, you know. - Songsta41

I'll give pop a chance. If I don't like that pop song, than I don't like it. - 906389

Metal is really advanced, but I personally think progressive rock and classical are above metal. But I like metal the most.

6 They automatically hate a band once they get mainstream exposure

Just look at Metallica fans back in the 90s - yungstirjoey666

Not really I want my bands to get mainstream. - XxembermasterxX

This is actually kinda true. Metal is extremely different, which is why it's so appealing. So when the "differentness" is compromised by mainstream success, metal heads abandon bands they formerly enjoyed.

This is a valid point. Can't argue with this one - styLIShT

7 They argue over the stupidest things.

And so do Pop fans. - Userguy44

Like what? Like when you said that "Rock is a lot faster than Metal"? Yeah, I agree that this is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard but I had to say that you were wrong. - Metal_Treasure

Care to explain specifically. Not explaining just makes it look like you're making this up - ryanrimmel

Well, much of this list seems to be a fig newton of his imagination - Billyv

Jeffrey will be added to the most overhated users soon ☺ - FerrariDude64

8 They think that hard rock and heavy metal are the same or similar.

Hard rock and heavy metal are similar but different. Here's a short comparison (I don't take into account certain exceptions).


1) Hard rock is based on blues, metal is based on classical music. Classical music is more complex than blues and as a result, musically metal is more complex than hard rock

2) Hard rock deals with less serious lyrical themes than metal, therefore metal lyrics are more meaningful (as I said, there are exceptions but I’m talking about tendencies)

3) Hard rock uses major scales more often than metal and vise versa - metal uses minor scales more often. Result - hard rock usually sounds happy, while metal sounds sad and dark

4) Hard rock can incorporate the entire “rock N roll” idiom, whereas metal takes only the “rock” part and discards the “roll”

5) Hard rock can be part of the popular music culture while metal can’t. You can hear hard rock songs on the radio but you don't hear metal ...more - Metal_Treasure

What? I don't think I heard any metal fan saying that. Metal is different from any other music genre. Only you think that, or some other idiots - Ananya

That's because they are. If they were completely different, bands wouldn't be debated on whether they are metal or hard rock. Van Halen, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Skillet, Evanescence are all debated between rock and metal. If they were completely different, such debates wouldn't exist. - ryanrimmel

Well they are, Metal is just harder rock - SoldierOfFortune

9 They can't handle criticism.

If metal fans can't handle criticism, then why is it that you seem like you're losing against the metal fans who defend their favorite genre against the weakest of the other side's criticisms?

No, we can. We choose to defend it. If we were making personal threats, then we wouldn't be able to take it. All we do is debunk your weak claims. - ryanrimmel

No you can't, they always act whiny when someone doesn't like Metal or prefer Pop or Rap more, don't deny it. - DaisyandRosalina

You haven't met me yet. Plus, it seems pop fans can't. - 906389

10 They don't consider combining Metal and Pop sounds.

Lol what? Keep your pop to yourself for God's sake - Ananya

I blame the elitists for this. It actually sounds great, just listen to Amaranthe and you'll know what I mean.

They do. Listen to any Glam band - ryanrimmel

Yes but we don't do it anymore because we don't want another Motley Crue. - IronSabbathPriest

Haha but I love motley crue! Bands like poison and definitely leppard make Me cringe - ryanrimmel

The Contenders

11 They criticize other genres without even listening to them.

No, that's what you do. You claim that all metal music is unoriginal and meaningless. You clearly have NEVER listened to any metal besides Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Disturbed, and Slipknot. - ryanrimmel

Apparently, this Jeffery guy never listened to Power Metal like DragonForce or Symphonic Metal like Nightwish so he comes up with obnoxious and pathetic conclusions about how "bad" metal music is.

Jeffrey, did you read any of my comments. The loudest metal bands you've heard have deep meanings, that aren't your cliche "my girlfriend broke up with me" type stuff. I'm not gonna bother explaining - ryanrimmel

No metal fan can tell the difference between pop and metal but pop fans can't.they just think that the vocal is everything that has to do with songs

I tried listening to rap and pop. I HATE them. - Metalhead1997

12 They think metal and rock are similar

This item is on here twice, because you can't think of any real reasons. Literally anybody will tell you metal is a subgenre of rock. Look at any rock magazine and you'll find metal stuff in it. Look it up, its on Wikipedia and about any other website. Metal is a subgenre of rock and roll. Get over it - ryanrimmel

That's true if you're talking about academic or historical facts. But in the case of metal as a rock subgenre, Wikipedia will not be wrong because it's common knowledge. - Songsta41

Well, Metal is a sub-genre of Rock, so yeah, I'd say they're pretty similar... - Alpha101

This is the 2nd time I see this item here. - SamuiNeko

13 They want metal to be popular

Actually I think Metal is best when underrated... I can imagine the insane fights that will happen on this site if metal becomes mainstream - styLIShT

Of course like classical music, its complex and beautiful and powerful, I am sure everyone will love it but metal is like coffee you have to start respecting it and trying it before its nice

Is it our fault that metal is underrated? - 906389

14 They shove metal down others throats

I am a metal fan but in malls, stores, waiting rooms, restaurants, cafes, and so on, I usually hear pop and rap music. Nobody asks me if I wanna hear "All about that Bass" but pop(ular) music comes to me uninvited in a very aggressive way. I can't avoid it and nobody can. You see that metal fans are terrorized on a daily basis. And I can’t tell the manager of the mall to stop playing this crap. If this isn't "shoving down my throat" I don't know what is.

Metal music never comes to you in this way. You don't hear Children Of Bodom in your local store, doctor office, an so on.

Think about that. - Metal_Treasure

Amen to the guy below me who mentioned children of bodom, and I'd love to hear that to be honest haha

I mean when hear a metal band that doesn't get a lot of attention, and I can see theyd be appealing to my non-metalhead friends (like The Sword, Ghost, and Baroness), I'll recommend them. That isn't shoving down someone's throat, that's just suggesting good music from one friend to another - ryanrimmel

It's more like people are shoving pop down our throats. - 906389

15 They're picky
16 They Constantly Make "Top Ten Bad Pop and Rap" Lists

Just because you prefer other things, you shouldn't keep making lists about how bad stuff is.

17 Some can be hypocrites

I wouldn’t say metal fans are worse than pop fans, but not much better. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are okay. I’m only talking about the hypocrites who bitch when someone bashes their music, but it’s perfectly fine for them to do the exact same thing, only 10 times worse. Neither fanbases are in the right, and the bashing has to stop both ways. - 3DG20

18 They are mean
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