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21 Pop makes you sleep

You will 100% change the radio when you hear 'em. - Oceraux

I roll my eyes when I hear a pop song playing. - Metalhead1997

This is SO true

22 Metal makes you feel alive

Metal takes more talent. Its really difficult to be a metal artist and of course metal makes you feel alive and energized. Life is too slow and stupid without metal.

That just sums up what Metal does with you. Metal is life, life is Metal

23 Metal doesn't talk about sex or smoking weed.

What songs do you listen to? Song about weed and going to jail and phone calls and sex you know that kind of stuff. We're not friends anymore. Why? Because I love metal and It's better.

Actually it does, but not ALL of it. In sex's case, listen mainly to glam metal. In the case of weed, listen to stoner metal like Sleep. - Metalhead1997

Not all the time

Some metal songs talk about sex or it's related topics, like Mechanix by Megadeth, but with metal it's not (pretty much) every song. - Metarock

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24 Metal makes you forget your sadness and remember your happiness, and feel epic

Sometimes I walk down the streets with my iPod on, and then you know that face? That epic face when you look angry, headbanging a bit, while lip syncing? People stared at me. - Oceraux

If a metal got a song of love is to try to remember that the actor got a fine feels with his wife or his girlfriend, pop is like a emo crap if the artist broke with his girlfriend or boyfriend

This has actually made want to hit a dog - it doesn't work. It puts me in a bad mood.

I create music videos in my head for several songs I listen to. - Metalhead1997

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25 Most metal artists do not condone bad behavior in their fans

It's the fans' own fault if they commit some crime and blame a band for "inspiring them" to do it.

This true a lot of artists show that they are not alone

26 Metal has more genres

Different kinds of Metal genres include Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Funk Metal, Symphonic Metal, Power Metal, Black Metal, Nu Metal, Death Metal, Glam Metal, Viking Metal, Industrial Metal, Folk Metal, Gothic Metal, Rap Metal, Celtic Metal, Extreme Metal, Pagan Metal, Medieval Metal, Drone Metal, Dark Metal, Christian Metal, Unblack Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, War Metal, Cello Metal, Crust Metal, Latin Metal, Speed Metal, Groove Metal, Teutonic Thrash Metal, Metalcore, Deathcore, Grindcore, Nintendocore, Melodic Metalcore, and Mathcore.

I kid you not, these all exist.

Of course they all exist!
Neo-classical Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Stoner Metal, Battle Metal, Math Metal, Progressive Power Metal, Industrial Dance Metal. - Metal_Treasure

I also like rap metal, old school rap, underrated modern rap. They are way better than most modern pop today. - waraypiso

Neue Deuche Hart (dance metal) alternative metal, pornogrind, deathcore etc

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27 Metal promotes individualism while pop promotes the idea of conforming

This is SO true. Metal basically accepts anyone, while pop music is very selective. Pop is short for popular, which is very picky about what they play. Metal is metal, whether it's metalcore, deathcore, progressive metal, black metal or death metal.

Yeah. - Metalhead1997

This is so true. Most modern pop are just so choosy to get a hit. Other genres like real rap, metal, electronica,etc. are not choosy. They accept everything what is good. - waraypiso

The song "Escape"
Add other examples in the replies

28 Metal is for life, Pop is something you usually grow out of.

Like my brief military obsession phase. - Metalhead1997

don¨t get

29 Metal makes you a better person

I have to agree with this because, before I was a metal fan I was a racist, I loved to bully somebody, I didn't control my anger and now while listening to metal I accept every people it doesn't matter if he is black, Asian or Muslim, now I respect everyone and stopt to bully people, now I can control my anger very well.

Metal made me a better person! - METABOLICA

Thanks to some Metal I'm now a well educated person who knows how to handle problems maturely.

Metal helps me control my anger and makes me feel a lot happier. I can get over just aboit anything with metal - lonewolfe12345

30 There is Christian metal

These kinds of artists are honest about faith.

Impeding Doom is Christian deathcore. - Metalhead1997

31 Metal bands have cool logos

Metal does have really awesome logos

All death metal bands. Logos look awesome.

They also have some badass mascots too.

Metal and rock artists have dope logos,drawings, and albums. Most of these are dragons, devils, skulls, and monsters(etc.). How about today's most pop artists. They are just pictured by themselves. - waraypiso

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32 Metal is more creative than pop

Pop is so simplistic and overused. Doom metal has a LOT of deep meaningful lyrics.

33 Almost everybody is accepted as a metalhead

If you're a Christian and you like metal, no problem! Come with me to see Nile! Atheist metalhead? No problem! - Metalhead1997

Who isn't? Metalhead population is 94793368,1369011 and rap listeners 34676434,24567331

Look at James hetfield at the beginning he was ugly but he is a legend

It doesn't matter if you're hispanic,black,Asian,white, mixed etc.

Gay? Who cares!?

Muslim? come on, let's get into the mosh.

There is no group of people where I have been experienced so much tolerance than in the metal scene.

Like everywhere there can be a douche. But there are not a lot of them.

Nobody cares how you look like.
The society thinks your "ugly", we think your an awesome guy because your a good person.

Lots of people in society think we're
little racists who sacrifice goats and eat children (yes, someone said that to me and he was serious about it)

Lots of us look at us down.

We are awesome!

Listen to metal, headbang & have a nice day

34 Pop is written to be overly addictive
35 It isn't generic

Most pop songs are genr

36 Pop always focuses on the same exact subject

This is why I don't like pop music

It's SO BORING! - Metalhead1997

37 Most metal is not satanic

Metal is satanic? Listen to Metallica, Opeth, Sleep, Ahab, and others. - Metalhead1997

I belive this

2% out of the entire genre has satanic bands. The rest is about other stuff.

...For today? Norma Jean? Demon Hunter? War Of Ages? Immortal Souls? Underøath? August Burns Red? The Devil Wears Prada? They're all outspoken Cristian bands. There are also other bands that have Christian members, but don't want to be labelled a Christian band, like Betraying The Martyrs, Confide, Blessthefall, and The Color Morale.

38 Metal lyrics are more realistic

Yeah. - Metalhead1997

39 Most pop stars are fake

The Beatles and Michael Jackson and Barry White and Bruno Mars are exceptions

All pop stars are fake and have no talent

40 You have to be good looking to be a pop singer

I've never really noticed this one but yeah! Most people wouldn't want to listen to an ugly pop star

You have to be talented (looks don't matter) to play metal. - Metalhead1997

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1. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
2. Metal lyrics are far more intelligent and educated sounding than pop lyrics.
3. Most metal songs are realistic and deep
1. Metal is fast, complex, a masterpiece. Pop is just the same slow tempo and nice vocals but boring singing
2. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
3. Metal pumps you up, energizes you even though you're not doing any exercise
1. No auto-tune, somehow better vocals
2. Very unique sounding, doesn't sound electronic/robotic
3. Rap metal is still better than (rap) pop

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