Top Ten Reasons Metal Is Better Than Modern Pop

You are either 1 of these people: 1. Loves Pop and hates Metal OR 2. Loves Metal and hates Pop

What's even worse are the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) here in the Philippines. And I'm sure you're number 2.

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61 Metal vocalist actually sing on stage, Pop singers just lip-sync

Just watch Deny the Cross by Overkill live. You'll notice that Blitz gives out his voice with extreme power. Now compare it to pop singers on stage. Type back if you noticed anything.

Yet another reason why pop is talentless. - Metalhead1997

62 Metal has better album covers

The Great Stone War by Winds of Plague compared to a Selena Gomez cover? It's obvious which one looks better and more epic.

See the cover art of South Of Heaven. Even the simplicity of Death Magnetic. Many Megadeth cover arts.

63 Most metal songs have positive messages

"Wrong Side of Heaven" by FFDP talks about helping our veterans and accepting them.

64 Most metal songs talk about living and celebrating life

Basically, once the song "That Was Just Your Life" ends, you would realize that life is something to live, not to pass by.

65 Metal songs talk about mythology

Yep. - Metalhead1997

66 Ironically, most pop influences a worse attitude than metal does


67 Most pop songs have no real meaning

All pop songs have no meaning in life

Only in mainstream pop nowadays - waraypiso

68 Most metal songs talk about politics

Most pop songs talk about sex

...And Justice for All!

69 Most metal songs are about fantasy stories

Power metal especially - yungstirjoey666

This is why I love Iron Maiden. - Metarock

70 Most metal songs are about hope and triumph
71 Some metal songs can be educational

Alexander the Great by Iron Maiden, or even Rime of the Ancient Mariner. - Metarock

Hell yes! - waraypiso

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1. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
2. Metal lyrics are far more intelligent and educated sounding than pop lyrics.
3. Most metal songs are realistic and deep
1. Metal is fast, complex, a masterpiece. Pop is just the same slow tempo and nice vocals but boring singing
2. Metal has complex instrumentals and needs a lot of effort and time to write and talks about important subjects
3. Metal pumps you up, energizes you even though you're not doing any exercise
1. No auto-tune, somehow better vocals
2. Very unique sounding, doesn't sound electronic/robotic
3. Rap metal is still better than (rap) pop

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