Top Ten Reasons Metalheads are Hated

Metalheads are hated amongst other people. But why?

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1 We're prejudged by others

Just because I wear a Darkthrone shirt and a Cannibal Corpse jacket I don't have to be a satanist or a serial killer. - Fretto

2 Some media spread stereotypes about us
3 Most of us don't look 'normal'

Long hair, a band shirt & dark clothes.

Some people think we look like people who stink and never shower. - Fretto

4 Some can be rude

Some of us act very rude to other music fans and even to Metalheads.
But as Metal_Treasure mentioned we don't make lists about killing celebrities - Fretto

Pop, rap, country, etc. fans can be very rude, too. Come on. On this site the rudest people are not metalheads. Lists about How to kill and Why to kill celebrity [XYZ] were not made by metal fans. Also, lists about Reasons to hate pregnant women and similar weren't made by metalheads. - Metal_Treasure

5 Most of us are atheists

There's nothing wrong about that. - Fretto

6 People don't do research

If you don't do research on a specific topic you might hate other people for bad reasons. - Fretto

7 People think we're satanic

Only black metalheads for example. - Userguy44

8 Bad documentaries about our culture

Lots of them are bad and even Mr. Dunns are not that good. - Fretto

9 The color black is associated with negative things

That's racist

For odd reasons in most western countries it's believed it's a bad color while as example in Japan white is a bad color. - Fretto

10 Crazy musicians

Ozzy is just an example of many. - Fretto

There are crazy musicians in every genre - James Brown, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Mick Jagger... Even Michael Jackson was crazy, if you ask me.
James Brown - he was arrested several times on drug and weapons charges, served in prison 5+ years, assaulted a police officer, assaulted a repairman with a knife, was repeatedly arrested for domestic violence... - Metal_Treasure

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11 We hate the sun, like vampires
12 They cite far too many sub-genres
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1. Bad documentaries about our culture
2. Most of us are atheists
3. People think we're satanic
1. Most of us don't look 'normal'
2. Some can be rude
3. We're prejudged by others
1. We're prejudged by others
2. Some media spread stereotypes about us
3. People think we're satanic


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