Reasons Metallica is Better Than AC/DC

I think AC/DC is just ok, I don’t understand why they’re considered one of the best bands of all time.
Metallica is WAAAAY better in my opinion.

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1 Metallica has way more variety

I don't think Metallica is better, but I must say that this comparison list is actually solid. - DCfnaf

This is a good list but it all comes down to personal preference: hard rock vs thrash metal. Thrash is too heavy for most people. - SoldierOfFortune

AC/DC are very generic

They do. There’s the first four albums, and the 90s albums which sound different, and they have different types of songs. AC/DC just reuses the same format over and over again. Just simple rock. They have absolutely no variety in their sound and they never experiment.

2 James Hetfield is a better singer than any of the singers AC/DC has had

You'll find loads of comments of me bashing James' voice on this site. God, I was ignorant. Metallica aren't my favourite band but he has one of the most expressive voices in metal. - IronSabbathPriest

Ooh, James is also a lot better guitarist than Angus. He also drums good. Or can play keyboards too. He alone can take over three members of AC/DC out there. - zxm

Bon Scott and Brian Johnson are good vocalists. Hey have very scratchy and unpleasant voices. James Hetfield has a harsh voice, but he also is a better vocalist.

That's subjective, you want objective reasoning so your list is solid

3 Metallica has better guitar

Not better guitar that's subjective. More skilled guitar yes

James and Kirk are better than Angus and Malcolm, and Dave Mustaine, even though he was only in Metallica for a year, is better than all of AC/DC’s guitarists as well. Metallica has way more variety in their riffs, and all of the guitarists have written riffs. Malcolm writes all of AC/DC’s riffs, and he can also play them better than Angus, but he just doesn’t.

4 The only advantage AC/DC has over Metallica is the drummer, and that says a lot about the band

Lars is a horrible drummer live now, even though he’s still great in the studio. What does it tell you when the only advantage they have is the drummer?

5 Metallica has better lyrics


AC/DC just sings about rock. And rock. And rock. That’s pretty much all they sing about.

What’s better? A song about a soldier who had his limbs and face blown off in WWI and lost his senses of sight and hearing and is in a coma and is trapped inside their mind and wants nothing more than to die or ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK?

An outlaw who lost someone they care about and searches for a replacement but can’t find one or ROCK ROCK ROCK?

A song about suicide or ROOOOOOOCK?

6 Metallica’s riffs are better

Which has a better riff? Back In Black or Master Of Puppets? MASTER.

Objective reasoning remember? This is subjective

7 On the albums, Metallica has better drumming

Live they’re not better, but studio wise they are more than better.

8 Metallica has better bass

All of the bassists Metallica has had are better than any of the ones AC/DC has had.

9 Metallica is from U.S.A.


Racist. (3)

I didn’t add this one. Just so you know.

People this item is not racist it's just irrelevant to the point of this list. - SteelCity99

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10 Metallica is better live despite Lars

They still have better live shows, even though Lars is a massive screw up.

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11 AC/DC’s weaker albums are worse than Metallica’s weaker albums
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