Top 10 Reasons Metroid is Underrated


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1 Nintendo treats it like absolute, total garbage

True. They need to advertise. Release prime four, and a sequel to fusion and you'll get the big bucks.

2 It's basically all of the best elements of Mario and Zelda fused together into one series


3 It's easily Nintendo's third or second most innovative franchise to date, basically inventing its own genre just like Mario and Zelda did


4 Contrary to popular belief, there has never been an objectively bad game in the series (gameplay-wise)

Well, there is other m, and federation force...

5 Quite a few of its fangames are easily some of the best games ever made (AM2R, Hyper Metroid, Super Metroid Redesign/Phazon/Eris, Z-Factor, Super Zero Mission, etc)
6 Samus is easily the coolest Nintendo character of all time, tied closely with Captain Falcon

Yes. Hot too

7 Super Metroid is not the only great game in the 2D series
8 Prime 1 isn't the only great game in the Prime Trilogy
9 Samus is more than just hot
10 Metroid 1 and 2 aren't bad games, they're just horribly dated (which is why their glorious remakes exist)

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11 People judge it more by the fanbase than the actual games
12 It has some of the best graphics of any Nintendo franchise ever, most especially the Prime trilogy
13 It's probably the only Nintendo franchise to actually have a genuinely mature and intelligent target audience it caters to


14 Ridley is secretly one of Nintendo's most badass villains to date
15 It's a speedrunner's dream
16 Super Metroid is probably the best hack-template game ever created besides Super Mario World
17 Prime 2's dark world actually wasn't all that bad, and the game itself is a masterpiece
18 It got way better GBA installments than Mario and Zelda at any rate
19 Super Metroid was made largely by DEER FORCE (seriously, how can you not love that?)
20 It pretty much started the modern-day revolution of femme fatales in video games
21 Gunpei Yokoi's death needs mourning
22 It has some of Nintendo's all-time greatest and most atmospheric soundtracks to date
23 The replayability of many of its games is simply staggering
24 People often underestimate how incredibly iconic it really is
25 It's literally never had a good stage in the Smash Bros series
26 Nintendo was always too busy milking the living crap out of Mario, Zelda and Pokémon to pay attention to it
27 It somehow STILL hasn't gotten a full-fledged anime yet
28 Even F-Zero gets more love from Nintendo than Metroid does
29 Unlike Zelda, Metroid has a continuity-linked storyline that actually makes legit sense
30 It takes place in one of the most interesting and wholesomely fleshed-out universes of any game franchise ever
31 Many of Nintendo games' greatest cinematic moments came straight from the Metroid series
32 It arguably made an even better initial leap into 3D during the GCN era than Mario and Zelda did back in the N64 era
33 It's developed an art style unlike almost any other game series out there
34 Even in Other M, Samus still manages to be a total badass whenever the player happens to be in control of her
35 If Sans and Asriel are the first and second best scripted boss fights in gaming, Super Metroid's Mother Brain is easily the third
36 Even when its games start to become incredibly linear, they still have that unique Metroid charm to them
37 Federation Force is hated more for Nintendo's recent AM2R fiasco than the actual game itself
38 People calling the Morph Ball "lame"
39 Metroid Prime Hunters and Pinball are actually some of the best games for the DS
40 It's been with us on basically every Nintendo console and has been consistently great on nearly all of them
41 There is so much untapped potential for handheld Metroid games on the 3DS
42 Super Metroid was one of the first Nintendo games to actually feature a sprint button
43 A remake of Super Metroid could have been so phenomenal
44 It is NOT a Halo clone, even if Nintendo is trying to turn it into one
45 Even with Nintendo's games becoming increasingly generic and mass-produced, Metroid still remains incredibly unique and mostly fresh with each new installment
46 Yes, even its spin-off titles are pretty great in their own right
47 Considering that it was made by Team Ninja, Other M definitely could have turned out a lot worse
48 Apart from attempting to retcon the Prime series out of existence, Other M's storyline actually wasn't that bad
49 Zero Mission and AM2R are easily two of gaming's all-time greatest remakes
50 Even though many of its games are way too easy, there's always low-item runs
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1. Nintendo treats it like absolute, total garbage
2. It's basically all of the best elements of Mario and Zelda fused together into one series
3. It's easily Nintendo's third or second most innovative franchise to date, basically inventing its own genre just like Mario and Zelda did


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