Reasons Why Michael Jackson Is Better Than The Beatles

Just the Top Ten reasons why MJ is better *no offense*

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1 Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 combined has sold more records than The Beatles

Michael Jackson is the best. End of story. I hate when I see a countdown of greatest ARTISTS, yet, they compare a band with a solo artist. I can't argue enough that had the Beatles disbanded, there is NO way the individual members would have accomplished what Michael Jackson accomplished ALL BY HIMSELF. Time has proven this. The Beatles' music did NOT break racial barriers. They are only popular in the U.S. and Europe. Michael Jackson's music is known WORLDWIDE. White America just cannot acknowledge a black man has won this title. I'm saying this, and neither white nor black. So sad. Racism will never end.

Well first off, the number of albums sold does not effect how good the music is. If that's the case, then Justin Bieber is a god of music. Second, the record sales of two artists combined are most likely going to be greater than the sales of one artist. This list is full of fail. - InsertNameHere

The beatles sold millions of records in about 7 years.Michael needs his whole career and the jackson 5 records but they've still sold over1 billon records while Michael 's sold about 500 million records (which is a lot) but not quite enough.

Selling doesn't really make an artist better. - zxm

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2 Michael Jackson is the most awarded artist of all time

That's because Grammy Awards didn't exist at The Beatles and Elvis's reign.

I can understand how somebody that really likes the color of their skin wants to be number one but in this situation is the color of your ski n is white and you like the Beatles it doesn't mean that you can claim manifest destiny and say that they were number one when it comes to record sales they sold 300 million records Michael Jackson sold over 700 million records men lie women lie the numbers don't lie The Beatles are not even in the same conversation as Michael Jackson

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3 Michael Jackson has better selling singles

The beatles have a better fanbase and no. 1 hits in America... I'll give them that, and I do love the beatles but Michael Jackson lasted 45 years making hits WORLDWIDE while positively trying to change the world. He also wrote and co-wrote almost every single song he released. (Over 300 for sure)

Michael Jackson's song had a lot of substance and he wrote most of them himself and they were all awesome, he is a legend.

He only wrote around half of his songs. Half of his songs were written by other songwriters. - palashgupta

The beatles wrote all their original songs themselves not just some of them.The beatles have more no1's than any body else in most countries.Twenty in the us and MJ has12.

You said "The Beatles wrote all of their own songs" which is true. But they had four people in their band. Michael Jackson was one person and he wrote almost every single one of his songs. And you are also not including all of the number 1's Michael Jackson had in different countries that didn't get to number 1 in the U. S or all of the number ones that the Jackson 5 had or the Jacksons. So in reality, Michael Jackson did have better statistics than the Beatles. Even though many people assume this is not the case because of their ignorant judgments made about Michael Jackson that are not related to music.

4 Michael Jackson has better selling albums

No serious self-respecting music scholar or critic would ever rate Michael Jackson as a better songwriter or musician than The Beatles. No self- respecting music publication be it Rolling Stone magazine, Billboard, NME, Q magazine, VH-1 etc would ever rate any of his songs or albums above that of The Beatles. That is a hard fact. Look any polls conducted for greatest "song-writers of all time" or "greatest albums of all time" or "greatest songs of all time" and never will you see Michael Jackson even in the top 40 of any those categories. The only thing he is considered better that The Beatles at is being an "entertainer". Musically, he rated well below the Beatles and no self-respecting intelligent music critic would ever rate him higher musically. MJ does not come close to the Beatles musically. They are the biggest selling act in music history. It is an insult that you compare someone that can barely play a musical instrument to The Beatles. ...more

The beatles have sold approximately a billion units and Michael approximately 5oo million units

I think anything Michael did was golden his albums were beastly :D

This is false, and is very easy to research.
All you have to do is do your research someplace beside MJ fansites.

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5 Michael Jackson had amazing moves. He is/was the most famous dancer of all time

Yeah! the beatles didn't dance at all, they only sung

It doesn't exactly take talent to dance, even though I like MJ, the Beatles actually played instruments and had to learn these to become famous, putting more effort into it

Did you just say it doesn't take talent to dance? Try doing it once while performing on stage in front of 72,000 fans, while singing, never missing a choreographed step on stage, and while never losing your breath to sing. If you think playing a guitar/keyboard/whatever and singing while standing in one place is harder than that, you don't know the entertainment business at all.

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6 Michael Jackson had real style

The beatles were not just smoking marijuana.The beatles were four guys from Liverpool who were poor then they became rich because the were popular. How dare you! You should be listening to Imagine by John Lennon ( the greatest songwriter of all time in my option) Hey Jude and In my life.

John Lennon is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and should be recognized as so, but I don't think he can top MJ with his 45 years of self-written hits. However, it would have been amazing if those two, HUGE humanitarians would have made a charity song together. That would have been powerful.

Beatles took drugs. Michael also took drugs and died from it.

The Beatles were just 4 guys smoking marijuana (however you spell it), and Michael was a Real Dancer - SmoothCriminal

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7 Michael Jackson is/was named the most successful artist of all time

It says "successful" a claim that can be measured. Michael was/is called the most successful entertainer of all time by Guinness World Records.

Which list are we talking about. Check all the reliable lists like those released by Rolling Stone magazine or VH1 or wikipedia or even the lists on TheTopTens. All these lists rank Beatles at no. 1 position. - palashgupta

The Beatles were not even on the top 10 for this poll/or other contest - SmoothCriminal

Wikipedia which is only the most reliable source on the web because it actually gather's evience says the beatles are the most commercialy succesful and most influencial musicians in pop history.

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8 MIchael Jackson had bigger crowds than The Beatles at tours

On the Bad tour the last leg, it had over 130 THOUSAND people, and on the Dangerous Tour on one of the legs it had 7 SOLD OUT CONCERTS, and over 507 thousand people attended - SmoothCriminal

But Michael Jackson could hear himself, The Beatles couldn't because the audience was so loud

Paul MCCARTNEY holds the record for largest paying audience of all time.

9 Paul McCartney even admitted that MJ was going to be bigger

Well if this is true, then Paul McCartney is totally right... I admire the Beatles a little, they got quiet a lot of songs which really are meaningful and shows how good lyricist they are. However they don't get you off your seat... They are not "out of the box", plus, they don't dance... Their voice, average.. moreover some of their songs mean nothing... Well the Beatles are good but not great, they just keep on writing and writing with no sense... At times when they attempt a rocker voice, you'll hear like a phlegm is about to get out from their throats especially that of John lennon's voice... seriously not even a justifiable comparison to how amazing Michael Jackson is... Well maybe they are not so famous also, one factor is that they rose to fame when technology or tvs are still that advance, however they are not so staggering and dashing either, they sound so boring, look boring and AVERAGE, they are like the Jonas brothers of today

Well Paul would say that, he's very British and very modest! The Beatles are so much better than MJ. Me not being a fan of his has nothing to do with it! - Britgirl

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10 Michael has a better voice and greater music talent V 2 Comments

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11 Michael Jackson sold over 800 million records on his own

And there's 4 of the beatles members, and that's like outnumbered, just imagine if they were 4 MICHAEL JACKSONS - SmoothCriminal

This is plane lie. He didn't sell more than 400 million albums. - palashgupta

False, he sold less than half of that number.

Actually you are wrong... I have studied intensively both the Beatles and Michael Jackson over the years I believe both have had the most influence on musical culture today. However, Michael Jackson has now factually sold over 1 billion records and holds 51 music awards while the Beatles hold 22 music awards (one of which they received that is called the "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award"). Plus, we are only talking about Michael Jackson and the Beatles when we should be including the Jackson 5's hits and the Jackson's hits. Not to mention, Michael Jackson has over 300 songs he wrote himself that were unreleased from his already stellar 7 studio albums (which all were number 1) that could easily be re-mastered and sold as hits today. With all matters collectively gathered, Michael Jackson has had a much more successful career as an entertainer and he is an incomparable musical icon.

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12 Michael Jackson was famous world wide

The Beatles inspired a rock revolution in the USSR. Of course they're known in Asian countries. They almost died in the Philippines. - PetSounds

Beatles are not known in Asian countries but MJ is

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13 The Beatles were only liked mainly by people of Caucasian descent.

How many black, latino, Asians, and other ethnicities of different ages have you heard say they liked or listened to the Beatles? Rarely any minus the few Asians that did. Michael Jackson was equally loved by every single ethnic group from all over.

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14 Michael Jackson inspired several artists

Well, so did the Beatles. And the Beatles came earlier, so still inspired more - PositronWildhawk

Um the beatles are the most influencial pop act of all time.Michael was one of their biggest fans...

Beatles inspired almost every rock artist and many pop artist that came after them.
Even MJ himself was inspired by Beatles. - palashgupta

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15 Michael Jackson's music can be accepted by all generations V 3 Comments
16 Michael is the best dancer and sings awesomely V 1 Comment
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