Top Ten Reasons Why Micheal Jackson Sucks

The Top Ten

1 He screamed all the time

This list is a joke - OhioStateBuckeyes

Michael didn't scream all the time.If he did it will be about you

2 He was creepy looking

Okay... We get it. He was ugly and show off. But he was really talented. You guys are just jealous - Ipositive

The only thing that got me about his looks is in 1990,he looked like he was doing bad album.One year later,he looks extremly old!

3 He had no talent
4 He turned white

He had bad vigoligo take this point off

5 He was a show off

Such a stupid show off

6 He is overrated
7 He sounded like a girl

This is ridiculous. He was an amazing singer. He might had a girly voice whenever he was in the Jackson5, but when he was in the 80's his voice matured a lot. The point is you're just jealous. - funnyuser

Are you guys going to really pick him apart? This is ridiculous.

People have bad hearing

You don't know a thing about MJ

8 His music videos are way too long
9 He sang a song about a rat

That sucked

10 Moonwalking

He invented moonwalking, he is amazing. again, you're just jealous. - funnyuser

And whats wrong with that #Fuall

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