Reasons Why Miley Cyrus Is Better Than Selena Gomez

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1 Miley is more famous than Selena

Regret with the topic. Miley is more famous than selena. And Miley famous by her own. She doesn't need anyone to famous. Unlike selena. Selena just famous for Justin beiber. And it's true. When hannah arrived selena was a flop star. When she was with Justin they were like most talk topic in the world. And gradually she got popularity. But Miley was famous at the begining. She is famous for her amazing songs. Her songs are so meaningful and rocks.

Miley Cyrus have 3 best selling singles of all time. Miley #8 in the queen of pop rolling stone Miley honorific title name Disney queen teen queen. Miley Guinness Of world record book. By being the popular teen star Miley vma made history. By being the most shocking performance of all time. The youngest artist to have 4 # ones

Selena is more beautiful but she used miley and justin to be famous.The is more beutiful but she is not singer l ask you if she can't sing live and l think you heard her live singing l think she is good and l like her but ig she would be only actress. Miley's voice is incredible really. Its fact and she is really good singer and she has wonderful songs. Selena is only actress but l love her

I do not agree with this at all...
I think they are both equally beautiful and famous...
Miley has her fans and Selena has hers. However I do believe that Selena Gomez is a better role model to children and her fans, whereas Miley is trying to hard to be something she isn't...

2 Miley can sing

First of all I'm not a fan. I really dislike Miley what's she doing? Really insane. And the other hand Selena is a sweet girl. She has better taste in clothing. But if I talk about talent. Selena doesn't have any. She can't sing,her voice is too weak,her live performances is sucks. Sorry for rude but she use auto tune. No doubt really she does. And for singing talent I 'all count Miley. She has powerful voice,can sing many ways & yes her lives are best. But it could be better if she never put those nasty things in concert.

Selea gomez can't sing miley is amazing on the radio and live. She tries hard at every thing you can't fault her. Selena loves justin yuck so she sucks she is a freak. I do admit she is a good actress but singing not her thing I say give up singing.

Selena Gomez gets by on relying on auto-tune. Sny selena gomez fans must be deaf to think she can actually sing live. She has one of the most weakest and screechiest voices I have ever heard. Miley is the best!

Miley is 100 times better than untalented, stupid, disgusting selena. As a true singer she use her real and natural voice. Selena has weakest and annoying voice ever. She can't sing. Her live perfomance is horrible. While Miley's live perfomance is great and super.

3 Mileys songs usually make it to the top 25 weekly songs, not Selena's

Miley's songs always get hits. But poor selena can't reach Miley. She always try to copy Miley. From the Disney life. Still now. In her latest song The heart wants what it all blah blah she cried because Miley cried in her big hit song wrecking ball. Both write about their break up for ex boyfriend bit unfortunatly Miley won. Cause her tears are not fake. She's not a copy cat like cheap selena.

Whoever said come and get it got #1. Good for you because Miley has way more #1's. Sorry Miley can actually sing live while selena is boring & can't sing unless she's auto tuned. Miley blows selena away with her music so bye

So true. Bangerz sold 273,000 copies first week while stars dance only sold 95,000 haha. & Miley's hasn't even been out for a year yet & already sold over 2 million copies while Selena's been out for a year & only sold 900,000 hahaa. Statistics prove Miley's music is better

Miley's songs always been better than selena. Her songs sold much. She is very popular for her good music. And this is true.

4 Miley's song rhythms are catchier

Miley is making her best song from the begining. And her songs so cathcier and awesome. And check out selena's song from the begining. You will laugh harder. I do agree now selena making good songs but not good as Miley. Because Miley way better singer than selena. The Climb, Party in usa, wrcking ball, stay, can't be tamed, adore you, who owns my heart, fly on the wall etc etc all songs are awesome. I love it...

The climb,7 things, Can't be tamebd, we can't stop, wrecking ball, adore you sold over 100 million copies. Where selena can't do it. Poor selena always defeat by Miley. And then her annoyning fans send threat Miley and fight with us. Not every one just annoying fans. Good luck next time selena.
Miley you are superb.

Miley's all songs are truly catchier. I love her. She is so cool. She can sing every kind of music. She is super duper talented. Yeah one of the hottest singer too

I'm NOT sorry to admit this, but Miley's songs don't get stuck in my head, not even "Wrecking Ball." Selena's "Same Old Love" and "Come and Get It" are still stuck in my head.

5 Miley has a lot more songs than Selena

Duh! Miley has more albums & songs. Even if they have the same amount of songs, Miley's reach number 1 while selena struggles to get top 20

Miley has a lot of songs true. And her all the songs are awesome. Unlike selena's songs. Not trashy and bore.

I'm so happy that Miley in the honorific. Title teen queen Disney queen

It don't matter who has more songs it is who sings better and that is Selena

6 Miley's richer

Who cares? All you guys care about is what she has on the outside and not what's in the inside. And don't you guys know that it matters what's on the inside and not the outside? I like Selena but not because she's pretty, but what she has in the inside. I don't care if you give me a thumbs down; I only care about what you read from me.

Miley is richet we all know. She is rich from the starting her career. She was declared for one of most powerful, popular and richer child celebraty in the world. And she is not wasting her money in vain. She also helping poor and helpless people. Her VMA awards also gone for help for helpless people. She is really good in heart I am very proud of her.

Miley is richer. And she is not wasting her time just for partying. She having fun agree but also taking care helpless people. Her Vma award was a clear example. Proud of Miley.

Miley made $76.5 million in 2013. Selena's wasn't even recorded or made public because it's so embarrassing. Selena's net worth is $16 million while Miley's is $150 million & rising.

7 Miley's turning PG-13, Rated R

Duh she has grown up. Selena is older and she still acts like a kid

Selena desperately wants to be PG 13, that's is what she's doing actually

She is finally taking herself to the Next Level not Selena

Selena acts more like a little kid then me, and I'm 11.

8 Miley has more boy friends (No offense)

Selena is a boyfriend stealer. No boys want to dates with her. Other hand Miley is way cooler than dump selena. Many boys get interested over Miley. Of course she's pretty, beautiful, hot and with a big heart

Miley is so pretty and beautiful that's why boys are always find somthing interesting in Miley. But poor selena always try to steal her boyfriend. Miley you are so better. You'll find every kind of man in your life. Though I still love niley (Miley+nick)

Miley dates BOYS. Selena dates Justin Bieber! He's not even a boy. Don't even know what the hell that Bieber whatever is.

Miley dated with many boys but selena tried to stole them. Selena was never better. Mileh was and still. Miley has a good heart unlike the selena duh

9 Miley meets bigger celebrities than Selena

Miley is popular for her talent. That's why bigger celebraties like Madonna, katy perry, Rihanna, Lady gaga, Justin Timberlake, Britney spears, Lilly allen, Jennifer lopez, ariana grande many more praise her talented. She knows about music than fake selena.

She was performing. With the queen of pop Madonna

Miley collabs with the top artists while nobody ever collabs with selena because she's a flop

Honorific title name Disney queen

10 Miley has a (true) best friend Mandy rather than Demi Lovato

She doesn't need any celebraty to make best friend for showing people. She has many friends in her personal life. And with them she is happy. Glamour life friendship is not real. Selena and demi was truly bff but now they are nothing. Miley is happy with her real lifes friends.

Selena is bloody bff changer. She make bff with them who is more popular than her. First demi then taylor.
Miley is enojoying her life with real life friends. She doesn't need any famous people. She's already famous in earth.

I hate selena gomez! She really hates demi she only poses with her for fake! Go Miley go Miley

What selena gomez and demi lovato have a much better friendship than stupid miley and mandy

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11 Miley's becoming liberal

Miley is popular and a great singer. She's becoming a liberal. She should be. In her early age she named most powerful teenage singer. Also she named honorific Disney star. Her show hannah Montana was most popular than another show in Disney.

Miley is a happy girl. She just wanna have fun and she's having. Love her love her love her

Its true Miley does sing better than selena gomez

Yeah! This is the way to do it! Freedom is Everything...

12 Miley's younger

Miley's younger and acts way older plus she doesn't date guys two years younger

I Love a Young Chick well I'm about 4 years younger

What's the problem with that?

And sold more record

13 Miley's prettier and sexier

That's right. Miley is still sexy and pretty but selena lost her beauty. Check out her latest photos.

She is so hot. I love her sexy voice. #GETITRIGHT is my favorite song. I think about the video in my dream.

Miley is not pretty or sexy she looks like she got hit with an ugly stick.

I don't care about outside beauty and I dislike sexy people.

14 Miley is not afraid to be herself

That so true miley is herself but selena is faking

Miley is true to herself.

15 Miley Cyrus is not a fame whore

Miley don't need date someone for her albums to sells

Selena is the biggest fame where in Hollywood.

Yes But Miley has awesome career in Disney.

She Has Not Any Make Music.Remeber Leave The Music Last Year...

16 Selena's too conservative

#First commenter
You want to say smilers and selenators should stop hate each other? That's funny! You didn't complete your sentence properly. But also agree. I am tired of this.

Smilers and selenators all you need to hate each other. Doing this it's just increasing hate amd waste our time. Nothing else

Now you selenators felling salty

17 Miley's clothes and style are better than Selena's

Her clothes style is super cool. Every female singer wanted to be very girly and hot. Like selena who is trying to get out her Disney goodie goodie life. Unfortunately she is like a kid. Not like Miley. Miley is hot, cool, cute, beautiful and sexy. Selena always try to copy her.

Miley is a fashionable girl. So she know about style more than selena. Selena is just a untalented and a stupid boring singer. Who always try to be Miley.

Whenever she arrived any occasion. She looks fabulous. Her clothe amazing. Though her daily cloth is not so cool.

Selena is only with Justin because Justin is Every girl's dream

18 Miley is more successful

Miley sold more records got more money Miley broke the Guinness of world records 5x Miley don't need nobody for fame Miley is a better entertainer than. Selena Miley vma performance become one of the best performance of all time and it become the most shocking performance of all-time Miley made time magazine twice Miley just more successful than Selena

I am a lovatic :). I like both Miley and selena too but honesty I think Miley is better singer. Selena is not. And if I talk about who is more successful than it goes to Miley again. Best of luck selena

Miley going up for a Grammy nomination why selena going up for a kca nomination

Demi and Miley but they are really great singers...

19 Selena is too skinny

That's offensive, because I'm very skinny. I don't want to be skinny, but I just am. Whoever said that this is a reason to hate Selena, think about you'd feel if you saw a reason like this while you're very skinny!

Miley is hot and beautiful while selena is so skinny and looking like a kid. Selena is trying hard to be sexy and hot but she is too skinny. Her body looks like a chimpunk.

I don't give a crap if any girl is too skinny or too fat. I'll love her for who she is.

Yeah. Selena is not so attractive. I don't know why her fans call she is so pretty? Idon't think so.

20 She shows her boobs more

Or better yet, she shows her naked body more!

I love miley better than Selena

Selena Gomez Is That Hot. Unlike Miley Cyrus

21 Miley Cyrus made a career out of Disney

Selena not In the honorific nickname when I was read it

Miley Honorific title name Disney Queen

She's started reading before going to Disney?

She's Pretty Great Singer To Remeber The One With Barney & Friends!

22 Miley tried harder to get into Hannah Montana

Most secesfull Disney show. Go. Look it up because I was reading Disney company Time lineit Disney had end one of the most secesfull T.V. sires Hannah Montana

She tried her best to get into the show even after failures and succeeded

23 Miley's not a boring goodie-goodie.

Miley is not boring goodie goodie type. She's entertainer, funny, talented, beautiful, cute, sexy, pretty, hot...

On the other hand selena is so boring, untalented, copycat, actgoodie, trashy, skinny, disgusting, stupid, dump, selfish, thirstforpopularity lol

Selena Gomez is a boring goodie-goodie, but compare her to Ariana Grande. Who's more of a heartless, boring, dependent goodie-goodie? YOU DECIDE! My answer is Ariana Grande.

I hate Selena, she is a boring goodie two shoe.

Selena is just a copycat.

24 Miley Cyrus shows that she makes mistakes and that just because she's famous doesn't mean she's not human

Yeah. Miley has made mistakes and that even though she's famous she's still a human. Unlike Selena. Selena tries to be all perfect.

I hate making mistakes, I am a perfectionist. If you think Selena tries to be perfect, then me too!

She has done stupid things but at least she's being herself.

Selena wouldn't admit to a mistake to save her life.

25 Selena tries to be Ms. Perfect

She is always been try to be a perfect singer. But unfortunatly she is getting worst day by day.

Selena has literally never made a mistake. Gets annoying

I must say that she is miss perfect naturally

May be selena better than Taylor swift.

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