Top Ten Reasons Minecraft Is Better Than Halo

Anybody who likes halo better than minecraft please stay off the list I don't want arguments getting started

The Top Ten

1 It Doesn't Have Any Inappropriate Violence

I'm not a fan of violent games much like halo and Call of Duty I think nonviolent games are better

I have nothing against users who like Minecraft but personally Halo is a lot better. - Therandom

You can't make a list like this. Two VERY different games. Ones a shooter, the other is a building game. You can't compare them.

Pussies - Giropi

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2 You Get to Be Creative In Minecraft

Probably the best part about Minecraft. - Minecraftcrazy530

"What about Forge mode? OH BURN! " What about mods? Castles? Pixel art? Houses? Statues? OH BURN!

You can build whatever you want - kingvoter

This is the best game for me iv learned how to build actual houses

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3 You Can Install Mods

I'm pretty sure almost all games have mods, but I guess in Minecraft they are widely available. - Flamesofsilver

You can mod halo

Halo mods are amazing

This part is amazing - kingvoter

4 If You Die You Can Get Your Stuff Back

The stuff in halo response every 30 seconds so unless you are so impatient you can't wait half a minute it's fine

Yeah, unless you built your house 5000 chunks away from the spawn point. - DapperPickle

5 It's Controlled by Keyboard and Mouse

A game controller is better than keyboard and mouse in my opinion

I don't understand how this is better.

And in android and ipad don't forget

Halo can be on pc

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6 There's No War Going On

Well technically, you and your friends can have some sort of Minecraft war. Plus, what's so bad about wars in games anyway? They're not even real anyway, so in my opinion, I personally don't really see too much of a problem with it.

When there is no war going on you can build and don't have to worry about the war

7 You Can Tame Pets to Protect You

You can get teammates

But honestly I wish halo had pets. That is a good reason

Can't do anything like that in halo - kingvoter

8 You Can Play With 6 or More Players

You can play with 64 on halo

Play more than 64 players in match

9 There's Different Dimensions

Bruh there are different maps and planets in halo

10 You Can Install Texture Packs

So texture packs aren't good at all

The Contenders

11 An expansive, open world

I can serch forever one grate thing to DO!

12 A Lot of YouTubers Play It

Stampy played both games but stamps is dumb


13 Everyone Plays an Important Role

From the lil' squeaker to the Redstone masters, we all have a part. Squeaker can help make trolling easier, Redstone masters teach other people how to work machines and such, master builders make tutorials to help others build. My point is that in halo, you can'take cooperate with others like you can in minecraft. The most entertainment you get in halo is t-bagging people.

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