Top 10 Reasons the Minions Are Annoying

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1 They're everywhere

And I thought Pikachu, Mario, Mickey Mouse were really popular..

Every product you see has some kind of minion ad on it, minion clothes, food, everything. Like, jeez, just give it a rest, they aren't all that great.

At least they're better and more awesome than Frozen

Everywhere you go you see some kid wearing a minion shirt or hat. - Rock29

2 Their voice is mind numbing

I want to strangle someone when I hear a minion say something. - Rock29

3 They say "banana" too much

Why can't they say something else - Rock29

Beacause they like bannanas beacause they are yellow ( not being racist )

4 They're overly franchised
5 They're ugly

They are ugly yellow blobs with the worst color of poop. They literally look like cylindrical poop. Why yellow when it could have been a more attractive color like blue, green, violet or maybe even red. And better shape like robotic cuboid. at least robots are more real than minions. They sound like crazy frogs voice and really annoying. Also its too much kiddy and only kids will like them, not a mature adult.

WHAT minions are adorable

They look like a cat's hairball came to life.

Their just one eyed yellow blobs - Rock29

6 They should have faded away after Despicable Me 2

Enough with them already - Rock29

I Hate You So Rock29

7 Their fanbase is huge

I'm so happy this is in the top tens! My friends won't stop talking about them and they disrupt me when I'm working on computer lab with those minion quotes! I finally said that I hated Minions and they stopped talking to me :/ But now we're back together, so. Also, this girl that gossips about me gossiped about me hating minions and started calling me an idiot. After, I lost ALL my reputation except for my friends. This is why the world is so screwed up. - IcyUsefulEyeball

Fans of the minions are annoying too " most of them" - Rock29

I think its even bigger than loud houses fan base - epictoonsfan1

But I'm A Nice Minion Fan
It's Just That I Have A Very Short Temper

8 They can't speak properly

They speak an actual language: Minionese.

I Meant We Don't Care

We Don't Cate

9 They look like Donald Trump

No they don't... I hate them but they look nothing like Donald Trump - Iamcool

10 They yell instead of talking softly

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11 They are a copycat of the Rabbids

Let's face it. Both suck. I'm not jealous of their popularity. I am at least uncomfortable with their popularity.

Both are horrifying but Rabbids aren't really that huge like minions are - Ohno

Honestly, they are the same exact thing as the Rabbids. Rabbids were the OG minion and now none of these little kiddies obsessed with minions with ever know about the rabbids. - MuchWow

12 They try hard to be funny
13 They are not funny anymore
14 Their species is confusing
15 People all around me are like crazy obsessed with minions

It's so sad to see a adult male wearing a minions shirt and not feel shame

16 They're creepy looking

When I first saw them I was actually scared of them. - Lunala

17 They're cash grabbers
18 People act like they are the main Characters of the first 2 movies

Gru was, the minions don't make sense

19 They get more attention than the more interesting characters

Not just of the Despicable Me franchise, but also in the history od fiction! Like, people over-exaggerate if they say that there's anything we would be interested in about the Minions and their versions like the Norm of the North Lemmings.

20 They took over the despicable me franchise
21 They are there for no reason

They are like Olaf from Frozen. But, at least Frozen was a bad movie from the start!

22 They try hard to be cute
23 They're a parody of the average citizen

They mock us.

24 They are normies
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