Top Ten Reasons to Miss 2017


The Top Ten

1 It was a big year for everything

In fact, a big year for terrorism, we had the worst mass shootings along with numerous terrorist attacks. This year was actually a bad year. I wouldn't miss it.

This year was good for me, I had more fun than ever, and things went so well for me. 2017 will remain one of the best years in my life, along with early 2012 and 2011. - AnimeDrawer

Justin beiber video game me heck even cereal - toptenforlife

2 Awesome video games

Seriouly cuphead and super mario odyessy are some examples - toptenforlife

3 We got to learn more about our future
4 Awesome shows

Ok ko ducktales reboot true and the rainbow kingdom are some examples - toptenforlife

5 It improved every wrong we had in 2016

In 2016, I was depressed, I actually felt like harming people(no joke, I kept having these terrible thoughts about murdering, and I really wanted to get this out of my head so badly), I am glad I got over this. - AnimeDrawer

Not really. - MrCoolC

6 Exciting news

Not all news was exciting and some news was bad but most news are epic - toptenforlife

7 It was an amazing year for TheTopTens

Not really, just people fighting over opinions about music genres - styLIShT

It really was for starters we had are 100,000th list made on this year - toptenforlife

8 Brand new memes

Seriouly someone better call the doctor because these memes are hilloururs - toptenforlife

9 Donald trump is getting better

Donald Trump isn't getting better, he's getting involved in less controversies and scandals - styLIShT

10 Awesome summer

It was awesome, I went to see places I wanted to see in a long time, and I discovered my love for guitar, which is my life now. - AnimeDrawer

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