Top Ten Reasons Moana is Better Than Zootopia


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1 Better characters

Maui and Moana are better than all of the animals in Zootopia combined! - darthvadern

2 Maui is funnier than Nick Wilde

So much funnier. - darthvadern

3 Not as clichéd as Zootopia

Oh please, there were so many Disney-style cliches in Moana. - naFrovivuS

In fact, Moana had almost NO clichés! - darthvadern

It had a lot of cliches! But I do give credit to the movie for poking fun at them! - Phillip873

4 Better plot

It's plot is much more interesting and written than the plot in Zootopia. - darthvadern

5 It has a Disney feel to it, unlike Zootopia

I can name quite a few Disney movies that don't have a "Disney feel" to it. - naFrovivuS

It actully had songs that WAS made by Disney, Zootopia just had some random pop songs that aren't good for kids. - darthvadern

6 No animal puns

What do you expect from a movie consisting of ONLY ANIMALS? - naFrovivuS

Fair enough, but just accept not every Disney movie is the same. - naFrovivuS

Eacuse thsoe animal puns got old so fast, we have OVER 100 animal puns in Zootopia. - darthvadern

7 Te Fiti is a better antagonist than Mayor Bellwether Te Fiti is a better antagonist than Mayor Bellwether

The only thing I agree with on this list. Moana had a better antagonist, but other than that I prefer zootopia over moana (Moana is still a really good movie though) - Phillip873

Te Fiti has character devolopment, whereas Bellwether just turned to the dark side for no reason. - darthvadern

8 Better setting

It is set in the islands of the seas, whereas Zootopia is set in a stupid animal-inhabited city. - darthvadern

9 More colorful

SO MUCH more colorful. - darthvadern

So? , - VideoGamefan5

10 No politics

The word "cute" is equivalent to the N-word. Female rabbit not being taken seriously as a cop = black woman not being taken seriously as a cop or any profession. Prey trying to best predators. That's the political stuff. And the ONLY reason everyone worships Zootopia.

There is so much that's wrong with this list, I can make a list talking about it. - naFrovivuS

Zootopia WAS political, enough said. - darthvadern

Neither does zootopia - VideoGamefan5

A fox and a rabbit working together is political. Are you out of your mind? That's like saying The Fox and the Hound is political. - naFrovivuS

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