Reasons Modern SpongeBob is Better Than My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I hate Modern Spongebob, and its still better than My Little Pony.

The Top Ten

1 Modern Spongebob isn't girly
2 Modern Spongebob has the better fanbase
3 My Little Pony has annoying songs
4 Spike is annoying and looks like Barney The Dinosaur
5 Nearly half of the My Little Pony characters are so bad, they make Mr. Krabs, the worst Modern Spongebob character, look really great
6 Sponge Out of Water is a much better movie than any Equestria Girls movies
7 There are no lesbian characters in modern SpongeBob 
8 One Coarse Meal is a terrible episode, but it is a lot better than Twilight's Kingdom

Really? A person committing suicide is somewhat better than an adventure episode? Laugh Out Loud! - Neonco31

9 Modern Spongebob doesn't have an annoying fandom
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