Reasons Motörhead is Better Than AC/DC

I know how many of these “Reasons (insert band here) is better than AC/DC” lists I’m making, this is he last one I’ll make for a while.

The Top Ten

1 Motörhead has way more variety than AC/DC

Motörhead’s primary format is fast metal songs. They also have different sounding songs, like 1916 and God Was Never On Your Side. Motörhead’s new stuff sounds nothing like their old stuff. AC/DC is boring and all of their music sounds the same, they’re the least varied band I listen to.

2 Motörhead is more skilled than AC/DC

Motörhead has way more complicated riffs, solos, bass, drum lines, lyrics, and vocals. Tell me one way how AC/DC is more skilled than Motörhead.

3 Motörhead isn’t anywhere near as overplayed as AC/DC

I actually started hating them for a while because of how grossly overplayed they are. I do like AC/DC a lot, but they’re very flawed and very, very overplayed.

To be fair to AC/DC that isn't their fault

4 Lemmy can sing better than any of AC/DC’s vocalists

I don't agree with this one, I think Brian Johnson is better. - SoldierOfFortune

Listen to Thunderstruck and Back In Black and then listen to Overkill and Ace Of Spades. Tell me Brian Johnson is a better singer then. Listen to any of the Bon Scott era songs and then listen to any Motörhead song and tell me that Bon Scott is a better singer with a straight face.

This is an opinion based item, I think comparisons should be fact based

5 Motörhead has a better tone

Phil Campbell’s guitar tone is better than Angus Young’s. I’m not saying I don’t love Angus’s tone, but seriously. Phil Campbell’s tone is just amazing.

6 Motörhead is more complicated

Listen to Bomber and then listen to Back In Black.

Repeat of the "more skilled" item in my opinion

7 Motörhead has better and more audible bass

Well, yeah, Lemmy is one of the absolute greates bassists of all time, and nobody knows the name of the AC/DC bassist - SoldierOfFortune

Motörhead not only has better bass, but you can hear it better as well. AC/DC’s bass is uncreative and uninteresting. And boring. Motörhead doesn’t have the best bass. But it’s worlds better than AC/DC’s.

8 Motörhead’s lyrics are better

Lyrics about war or lyrics about rock and alcohol? Lyrics about Bomber airplanes or lyrics about alcohol, rock, and rock?

Yeah and more varied

9 Motörhead has better drums

Listen to Overkill and then listen to You Shook Me All Night Long. Motörhead’s drum lines are 30 times as complicated as AC/DC’s.

Honestly AC/DC I love because of the guitar

10 Motörhead has more albums, all of which are better than AC/DC’s

Ace Of Spades or Back In Black? ACE OF SPADES. Bomber or Highway To Hell? BOMBER.

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