Top Ten Reasons Movies are Better Than Books

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1 Movies are More Intense

Read "The Outsiders" the movie is better but the book was a little more intense. Tbh, both movies and books deserve an equal amount of praise.

And if you don't want a movie that is intense? The whole point of books is that there are multiple reading levels, and genres. You can read a book that is intense; and if you don't want it as intense, go and get a different book!

Books are not intense at all, movies contain more violence than books.

Books make me cry, that is intense, is it not?

2 Movies Have Special Effects

How the fridge can you tell if these have special effects or not? While movies can show it to you, just because it has not the greatest CGI, at least movies can show you it. Not everyone has a imaginative mind. Why can't books and movies both have an equal amount of love? I hate arguments over tiny things!

Why does everything need to have special effects? In movies, you can barely tell what is happening, everything goes so fast! In books, you can imagine at the pace you want, with the amount of special effects you want.

Movies are better because they cut out all of the unnecessary stuff that are in books. Movies are way less time consuming which is another reason why I prefer movies to books.

They are perfect for a sleepover because who would want to read a book at a sleepover. That would be messed up and it wouldn't really be a sleepover!

3 You Have Easier Access to Movies

Yeah right. Most movies you have to pay for, while Books, you can easily borrow at the nearby Library.

To the people who say "Ever heard of the library?" You can have access to movies in the library too!

So right they are way easier plus you can watch them anywhere !

Ever heard of a magical place called the library?

4 You Don't Have to Try and Visualize the Story

If you're watching a horror movie, you actually SEE the terrifying stuff right before you, but in a book you can picture all of it as goofy as you want. That's why horror novels barley scare me.

Visualizing the story is the best part of a book, honestly in my experience people who read books have a broader imagination.

Visualising the story is awesome! Imagining the characters the way YOU want in the voice YOU want, not that the actors want!

It's NOT harder to imagine in books. If a person finds it harder to visualize in books, then they don't have any imagination.

5 It Doesn't Take as Long to Decide If You Want to Continue Watching a Movie

This frankly makes no sense to me. If you want to stop reading, you look at the page number, and you close the book. How is that harder, and more time-consuming, then finding the remote, pausing the movie, memorising what time it was at, then turning everything off?

Because you never stop reading a book. It's too good for that.

It takes days to read a book but only a hour to two hours to watch a movie

6 Movies are Easier to Understand

AndieOfBooks, even if we do get a book appropriate for our level, there's a chance where we still can't understand the book. Especially if there are some vocab words that we can't understand. You cannot just make up what that vocab word means in your head, you have to look it up. There are also times where you can be lost in though and then have absolutely no idea what the book is even about. With movies, they explain it easier and even show the settings/ You must know that not everyone is imaginative.

I might watch more movies then books. But I honestly planning to pay many books. Because of the list called "Top 10 reasons why books are better then movies." It made me understand how books are actually good. And books are easier to understand. I am planning to continue to read "Diary of a wimpy kid" because the book is actually good. Well. Movies are also fine enough. Both of them are good in my opinion.

If you can not understand a book, you are reading the wrong level. It would be like trying to read War and Peace, when you just barely started learning to form sentences. Reading is a skill that you develop, it is rare for it to just 'appear' and BOOM suddenly you can read! Build up your skill, then try reading the book again.

Books can be too detailed, but movies have better explanation for the plot.

7 Movies Don't Take Up as Much Time

Yes but in a book, you can pause whenever you want (not that I advise it! ). And when you want to read again, you can re-read the last sentences to remind yourself. You can't precisely go back in a movie to "the last conversation" or "The last fight scene" In a book, all that is possible, and more.

The best part is reading slowly and being excited about what jappens next.

And your point is?

8 Movies are More Appealing

Some books I read are boring, but when I am watching a movie, I get all bouncy due to the suspense. Especially if it's a movie based on a book. Take Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005). Books just go by fast, while movies take their time!

That is completely dependant on the person's individual taste. I believe that if you do not like reading, you are either reading the wrong book, or doing it wrong.

I love going to a movie and having fun with friends and family. I can't exactly do that with a book.

Personally, I love both of them! I would love to see a movie based on the Bible.

9 You Can Be Any Age to Watch a Movie

That is totally dependant on the person, and their parents. You can be any age to read a book, but your experiences may differ depending on the movie. In a book, you can imagine it for yourself, and if you don't understand something, you can make it up. Movies are more dangerous. They implant images in a child's brain, this can cause nightmares, insomnia, and just generally being afraid of stuff.

This goes for Books more than movies. Movies have gory scenes, but with Books, you imagine it yourself, not having to see it as gory. No offense, but inaccurate list...

This should be the opposite! Books can be ungory if you don't want them to be gory, whie movies WILL have scenes of violence that are unavoidable!

Yeah, we all know how suitable Deadpool is for kids...

10 Movies Can Incorporate the Best of So Many Art Forms to Make a Masterpiece that Can't Be Reduced to Words Alone

Yes, but in a book, it is yours; no two people ever really read the same book. In a movie, yes, there is art, but authors master the art of words. This is what makes books so much better. The fact that someone can manipulate you thoughts and feeling with symbols on a page, is remarkable.

Anything can be reduced to words. Or, rather, increased, to words.

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11 Less Reading
12 Books are Weird

THey are dumb and wasting our oxygen and also they suck and movies are better cause fun

13 You Can Watch a Movie with Your Family and Friends

It's an amazing social experience. With books, you only have to read them alone.

You can share the the moment with people, so that is nice!

That is so wright

14 You Can Eat While Watching a Movie

This is false, and you know it. You can eat whenever, while doing whatever. Also, just eat before you read. Or eat after. There are scientists that have said that multi-tasking may be unhealthy...

This is good because those book-lovers don't want food stains on their pages.

And you can do that when reading too (even though I don't eat while reading)!

You can eat with books, I do it everyday...

15 Movies Have Music and Books Don't

This is because both music and books deserve you full attention. In movies, you can barely keep track of what is happening, because you are trying to pay attention to multiple characters, the plot, the surroundings, and the music. In books, you can take it you speed.

Both books and movies deserve your full attention. To separate a part of you brain to listen to music while reading is unacceptable.

Innacurate. I read one Beast Quest book very recently and then this prison music wouldn't stop get out of my imagination.

16 Books are Sometimes Too Detailed and Just Go on and on About This One Little Thing Forever.

You are reading the wrong books. Try Six of Crows, or The Way Of Kings, or Keeper Of The Lost Cities. I cannot say that some books are too detailed, but to judge the whole book species by one or two books you picked up, that you heart wasn't into reading, that is unacceptable!

Yes, if you're reading a realistic novel it is supposed to have lots of details.

Both good and bad

17 They are Good for People with a Disability
18 Movies Don't Take Up as Much Time

Books like "Harry Potter" takes you 3 to 4 weeks to finish while the movie takes you 3 to 4 hours to finish.

It's great, isn't it? It makes it more exciting and interesting because you can choose your own pace.

Stop wasting time reading a book just watch a movie for 2-3 then get back to work if you have any

19 Books are Just Dull Printed Words on Paper

And movies are just random people acting in random eviroments...

What do you think scripts are?

20 Books are a Waste of Paper

Books are wasting our oxygen!

Think about how much resources movies can use and movies have scripts

21 Books Get Boring Once You've Read Them Over Again

Depends on the book. Beast Quest isn't like that. And some movies get boring when you watch them over and over again as well so...

22 Movies Have Better Connections

Depends on the person

23 If We Read Books, Our Eyes Becomes Dull and We Feel Sleepy
24 You Use Your Brain to Read

No offense to the book lovers, but I learn more from the internet than books.

I hate it when my gosh darn brian needs to be used! it grinds me gears!

25 You Don't Have to Flip the Page
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