Top Ten Reasons Movies Are Better Than Books


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1 They Are More Intense

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? BOOKS ARE 10X MORE INTENSE! In books, you can make it as intense as you want, but in a movie, the intensity level is lower because somebody is "acting it out." In books, the intense parts take longer to get through, which makes it so intense and suspenseful. I can tell that you sir have never read a good book in your life, so therefore I suggest you get your butt to the nearest library and READ A BOOK.

They have allot of action like Deadpool

Books make me cry, that is intense, is it not?

Books are intense too! - micahisthebest

2 They Have Special Effects

Oh, and books don't? - Blight

Well, in books you can imagine it... - micahisthebest

3 You Have Easier Access to Them

Yeah right. Most movies you have to pay for, while Books, you can easily borrow at the nearby Library. - Blight


4 It Doesn't Take as Long to Decide if You Want to Continue Watching it or Not

Because you never stop reading a book. It's too good for that. - Blight

5 You Don't Have to Try and Visualize The Story

Visualising the story is awesome! Imagining the characters the way YOU want in the voice YOU want, not that the actors want!

This is where imagination comes in. If you don't have such a thing, you're better off with the movies. - Blight

Visualizing is the best part; you are totally in control.

Visualizing is better to do though. - micahisthebest

6 They Are Easier to Understand

That's why you're smarter if you read, not if you watch. - Blight

7 They Don't Take up As Much Time

The best part is reading slowly and being excited about what jappens next.

8 They Are More Appealing

Yup, movies more appealling then books, use your brain! Its funner to read than watch a movie

9 They Can Incorporate the Best of So Many Art Forms to Make a Masterpiece That Can't Be Reduced to Words Alone

Anything can be reduced to words. Or, rather, increased, to words. - Blight

10 You Can Be Any Age to Watch A Movie

This goes for Books more than movies. Movies have gory scenes, but with Books, you imagine it yourself, not having to see it as gory. No offense, but inaccurate list... - Blight

No way! So a 5 year old can watch Chucky, huh? - micahisthebest

A seven year old could watch an R rated movie?

This should be the opposite! Books can be ungory if you don't want them to be gory, whie movies WILL have scenes of violence that are unavoidable!

The Contenders

11 You Can Eat While Watching a Movie

You can eat with books, I do it everyday...

I eat while reading books

I usually eat a wrap while reading books. - micahisthebest

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1. They Can Incorporate the Best of So Many Art Forms to Make a Masterpiece That Can't Be Reduced to Words Alone
2. They Are More Appealing
3. They Are Easier to Understand
1. They Are More Intense
2. They Have Special Effects
3. You Have Easier Access to Them



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