Top 10 Reasons My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is the Best Show Ever

The Top Ten

1 Outstanding stories that anyone of any age can get sucked into.
2 So many lovable characters.

I can relate to all of the Mane 6 - Neonco31

3 So many ungodly catchy songs that will never leave your head.
4 An outstanding mixture of comedy and drama.
5 Heavily pushes the TV-Y rating with a slew of scary and often times disturbing scenes/episodes that would easily frighten and possibly scar most little kids.
6 References to movies like The Big Lebowski and Trainspotting, shows like Game of Thrones, and homages to old classic movies like Gone with the Wind and Singin In The Rain, as well as so many other homages hidden through out the show.
7 So many memorable quotes that have become famous internet memes.
8 The show continues to top itself with every new season with Season 5 being the best season yet and Season 6 being the 2nd best season.
9 The franchise in general is really cool with a goofy human spinoff and a super addicting game for the smartphone.
10 It's an anime ripoff

WORST reason

A Winx CLub Ripoff as well.

Pokemon ripoff

The Contenders

11 The super cool fanbase and all the fan-made material that exists from it.
12 Even though it was designed for girls, many boys and men love it as well.

That is a lie!

13 It teaches you to be a spoiled brat

Gave me cancer and ruined my childhood. Also this show is a pathetic ripoff of my 3 favorite shows - Lolirock, Winx Club, and Pokemon (I'm a girl). And it tries to act like anime with the big eyes they ripped off of Lolirock. They ripped off 2 characters from Winx Club (Helia by giving a pony the SAME EXACT NAME, they copied bloom with APPLE bloom). I'm not done yet. They also ripped off of it by copying how the friends meet in the beginning, the transformations, and they copy the AMOUNT of characters. And they copy pokemon by using the SAME EXACT EPISODE NAME (Tanks for the memories). There's too many good characters in mlp. AND ALMOST ALL OF THEM BECOME GOOD! THEY RIPPED OFF OF THE TRIX (from Winx Club) with the doozlings (it's actualy dazzlings, I mispelled it to insult the show).

14 It's colourful
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