Reasons the New Generation Is Awful

The kids growing up now, especially the teenagers and upcoming teens, mostly in America, are some of the most disgusting human beings I have ever seen. I would know. I'm one of them.

The Top Ten

1 Underage Sex

That's not inherently correct. Just because you are under the age of 18, doesn't mean you can't have sex. There's ages of consent... - SwagFlicks

Its very inappropriate - Ihateschool

If you do this, you 100% suck at everything

2 Lack of Real Education
3 Rampant Drug Use
4 Horrible Parenting

My baby brother always gets what he wants - Ihateschool

5 Idolizing Celebrities

Nobody deserves to love Ariana Grande for defending Justin Bieber.

I idolize Greg Page is there anything wrong with that - Ihateschool

People like Nikki Minaj are bad idols but some celebrities are fine. Like actors, good KIND actors are fine. (<. <)

They don't claim to be role models (at least to my knowledge). But I do agree that kids really shouldn't look up to them. It's group socialization. - SwagFlicks

6 Lack of Respect

This middle school boy is really rude to me - Ihateschool

7 Selfishness
8 Immaturity
9 They Don't Care About Anything That Matters
10 Music

Because mainstream music sucking is gonna ruin the generation right guys (if you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic) - Gamer4life

Come up with better reasons to hate every year other than the 2000s other than relying on pop culture. - Swellow

The only thing we have now is k pop and sexual rap. its just so sad

The Contenders

11 Demoralization
12 Increase of Teen Pregnancy
13 Using Racial Slurs

People are using the N word like it is just a swear word but really offends blacks.

14 Bad Grammar

I hope you are not referring to all of us. - Skullkid755

15 Sexualized Teenagers
16 Modern but Less Classical CGI 3D Animations
17 Tanning Like Snooki
18 You Only Live Once
19 Using YOLO as an Excuse
20 Teenage Pregnancy
21 Inappropriate Music
22 Dressing Inappropriately

...You're kidding me, right? - Swellow

23 Posting Inappropriate Pictures of Themselves Online
24 Movies that Should be Rated R are Rated PG
25 6-year-olds are Playing on Their Smartphones and Not the Playground or Their Actual Toys

Another idiotic reason. Children don't have to play with "toys" or go to the "playground". - Swellow

26 Porn Addiction
27 Pink Floyd Disbanded
28 Feminism going too far
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