Top Ten Reasons Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea Both Suck

The Top Ten

1 They both can't rap ever if their lives depended on it

Metal takes ages to master, while rapping takes... A week or month.

How does rapping save your life?

I'm kinda a Nicki fan except stupid hoe and anaconda but how dare you say bad things about Iggy Azalea! - RockStarr

2 Only famous for their bodies
3 Competes about who's better at rapping
4 They both compared themselves to Lisa "left eye" Lopes
5 They both make disturbing songs

And don't forget disturbing album covers, too! The nicky minaj album with the pink background... I'm sorry I literally just threw up in my mouth a little from just thinking about it. really! I just got a gag reflex! No joke!

6 They both ruined hip hop

This is very true.

7 They both think that because they can rap, they can sing
8 Both of their butts are fake
9 Both are untalented
10 They both never have clothes on when they get on stage

The Contenders

11 Both have stupid stage names
12 Both are famous for no reason
13 Both like Ariana Grande

So. Just because they do like Ariana Grande don't mean nothing'.

So I do too.

14 They both are always feuding with some other female rappers
15 Both rappers
16 Both are disgusting
17 Both are annoying
18 Both are wannabe rappers


19 Both are ugly
20 They both think that they're better than Lil' Kim
21 Both of their songs sound the same
22 Both rip-off other singers
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