Top Ten Reasons Nicki Minaj Is a Better Artist Than the Beatles

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1 Nicki has a Twitter account and John Lennon doesn't

Even though I know this is a joke, I still want to hurt someone - ryanrimmel

I want to drown the person who made this list. I came here from a similar list called "Reasons why The Beatles are better than modern Pop artists" because that list was 100% accurate, then I found this vomiting catastrophe of a list... - Gehenna

Really? It says better "artist" (which she isn't) but how does Twitter have anything to do with that, especially when John Lennon died before it existed? - Songsta41

Cause John Lennon died before twitter was made. - XxembermasterxX

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2 She has a big butt

Why does this strangely remind me of the Justin Bieber and Beatles comparison list? We don't need another list like that. - Minecraftcrazy530

Does that matter? You aren't a better artist if you have a big butt. - LucyHeartfilia

Yay, another list for babies to get pissed about. - Puga

And? That doesn't make you automatically worthful. Bigger is not always better

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3 She has big boobs

Do we really need lists like this?

Because Nicki's a WOMAN! Duh! Don't you know that men don't have ( or even need) Boobies?

This item make me sick. - EpicJake

I hope this list is sarcastic. - Userguy44

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4 She gets plastic surgery

That's a bad thing.

This isn't a good reason. Seriously.

5 Her songs about drugs are more obvious
6 Her songs about sex are more graphic

This list is stupid. And go ahead and thumb down my comment. See if I care! All I'm doing is sharing my opinion in a non dickhead way. Not saying all of you are like that, it's just what is so great about being more sexual and graphic? I know it has a purpose sometimes but Minaj just uses it in such a wrong way.

7 "Starships" is way better than "Hey Jude"

Oh no it is NOT. - Songsta41

8 "Roman Reloaded" beats "Abbey Road" by a long shot

You better be joking. - Pony

This list is a joke.

This list is so stupid.

9 "Anaconda" is better than "A Day in the Life"

Oh neat. Who doesn't want to listen to mainstream porn instead?

10 Nicki Minaj doesn't play instruments

This is such a dumb reason of a joking list. - Userguy44

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