Top Ten Reasons Nicki Minaj Is Much Better Than Jackie Evancho

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Jackie Evancho can't rap to save her life

Jackie Evancho can sing to save her life. Everyone has different skills. But Nicki does not have skills in rapping. She has the skills to become fake.

What the hell is so wrong with plastic surgery? I'd want to have it when I'm older maybe, it isn't wrong. Nicki is not fake, her personality is real, and she's not afraid to be herself. Period. - Luckys

Jackie Evancho doesn't HAVE to rap to save her life.

I think Nicki Minaj is better than Jackie Evancho but I disagree with all of this

She is not rap...

Nicki Minaj is more famous

So? Just because an artist has more fans doesn’t mean that they are automatically better.

Yeah, and famous for her porn videos and her butt. Does her fame make her better? No.

That's invalid. Fame doesn't make someone better.

If Nicki Minaj is more famous, why do commenters resent hearing about Jackie? - BobG

Come on. It's obvious that Minaj is more famous than Jackie Evancho. I mean how many top ten singles has Jackie had? - swrs1234

Rap is better than Classical music

You can't judge which music is better, it depends on your taste - Delgia2k

It depends on which song. You just can't compare genres that easily. And Nicki Minaj is not a rapper. She is a prostitute.

The new rap sucks. - 05yusuf09

That's subjective.

Jackie Evancho's too young to be singing

Jackie is 15 years old, a teenager just like a lot of other performers mentioned on these lists. She splits her time evenly between singing and doing regular teenager stuff, like attending public high school and hanging out with her friends. She lives an exciting and unusual but carefully balanced life. How can anyone begrudge her that?

No one can be to young to sing.

No one can be too young to do anything! That's what freedom is all about, and expressing yourself. - TheAlbinoWolf

That is very age-degrading. Are you trying to kill Jackie's potential?

I remember a certain deceased pop star who became famous at 11 - jp12960

Nicki Minaj gets famous for things other than music

Like how big her butt is? - HappyFlower

Like her porn video?

Is ANYTHING about Nicki Minaj real? - BobG

Shes just sucks, no doubt about it. - 05yusuf09

Their styles

Vote for one of these; Naked or Celestial.

I choose celestial. - FennikenFan9

Jackie Evancho screeches when she sings

This is bogus, Jackie has never "screeched" in her life.

What’s wrong with screeching? Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Chester Bennington, Roger Waters, Ozzy Osbourne, to name a few - InsertCleverName

Jackie Evancho probably drinks while underage

The fact that this list exists and that some nobody would seriously make a list glorifying a talentless hack and dissing a little girl who actually does have talent is hilarious in it's own right. But to accuse her of drinking while underage? That's one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. I don't listen to Jackie's music because it's not really my style, but I respect her talent and think she's easily better than Nicki, who is literally famous for having a big butt (which is obviously fake) and singing about it.

WHO ON EARTH ADDED THIS? Jackie Evancho definitely doesn't drinks underage? What kind of list it is? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

This list garbage, Jackie is fantastic singer, come on. - 05yusuf09

Why would she do this? - PatrickStar

Jackie Evancho uses more auto-tune than Nicki Minaj

Nikki has talent. My dad went to a Niikki concert and he thought she would sound horrible because he thought she uses auto tune but guess what? She doesn't.She sounds beautiful. Jackie sounds horrible even with autotune - AnonymousChick

Bogus again. Jackie never uses auto-tune, she has perfect pitch. - BobG

That's not true at all. Word of advice for Comparisans, SelfDestruct is an idiot. - PositronWildhawk

Nicki Minaj spends her money on plastic surgery

And that's GOOD? I must've missed a meeting, oui. - MontyPython

Those plastic surgery doctors need to buy fancy cars too!

This is why she is too fake. Too much of anything is harmful!

It shouldn't matter - Luckys

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Jackie Evancho's album covers are cheesy

Oh, and Nicki's aren't?!?! Good grief, now I've gotta rethink everything about her! - PositronWildhawk

Jeez, cause showing her butt on the cover is much more appropriate than everything she has

I agree with Positron - MeaganSaysHI

She is the most overrated singer.

Nicki paved the way for artists like Jackie

Since when did rap/pop artists pave the way for classical artists?

Nicki has a bigger butt

So what? Having a big butt doesn’t mean that you’re more talented than someone. At least Jackie is all real.

MUCH bigger.

Nicki Minaj writes her own songs

People would be shocked at how many singers 'co-write' their songs or have teams of song writers doing songs for them then add their name to the song.

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