Top 10 Reasons Nicki Minaj Isn't as Bad as TopTenners Claim She is


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1 She has a great singing voice
2 She is fun
3 Not all of her songs are about butts
4 The song "All Things Go"

I love this song. It's honest and heartbreaking. Above all, it reveals her struggles in life. After listening to this song, I had a lot more respect for her.

5 There are other songs than "Anaconda" and "Stupid Hoe".

Thank you! - Luckys

Her songs aren’t that bad except for these 2, but I still dislike her. - RoseWeasley

6 Her entire style is creative
7 She's a tough woman
8 She does her own songwriting
9 Most people judge her by her worst songs
10 Her songs have a variety of moods

Yes, she does

The Contenders

11 She's not plastic

You must be seriously blind if you think this kretin has no work done

12 She's against homophobia
13 Her use of different personas is creative
14 Her colorful outfit brings variety to the hip hop genre
15 Even when she raps about sex, she's never submissive
16 It's hard for a woman to make it as a rapper but she managed to be one of the most successful
17 She gets good reviews from critics, including Rolling Stone and Allmusic
18 Not all of her songs are about sex
19 She has some good songs

Like Starships and Grand Piano. - Userguy44

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1. She has a great singing voice
2. She is fun
3. Not all of her songs are about butts


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