Top 10 Reasons Nightcore is Terrible

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1 It steals copyright songs

It steals and copies songs that your ears will bleed.

I agree, it just riuns it

2 Lack of creativity

I doubt it will I love nightcore music and a lot of people actually don't make money off of nightcore, and I asked a lot of people in my class and they like it and there are millions of people who like and a lot of the ten reason are immature and are weak opinions I understand that they are high pitched and might sound not appealing to some people but people who make nightcore ask for the original creators consent and one more thing just because you don't like one song from nightcore doesn't mean the rest are bad I suggest listening to Outrunning karma by Alec Benjamin and Grrrls.

How to make a night core song: Step 1: Higher the pitch of the song to make its sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks or a young anime girl is singing it. Step 2: Put a photo of a cute anime girl in the video. Step 3: BINGO! A MILLION VIEWS! What I hate about nightmare is that people are doing nothing but taking songs that already exist, and ruining them by heighening the pitch and speeding it up. Oh, and it also sounds bad. Really Bad.

It's basically plagiarism. But I have to admit, some of their songs are awesome - TwilightKitsune

I kinda have to say that Nightcore will be taken down on March 19, 2019. For the end of Nightcore itself.

3 It doesn't sound good

I heard that Anime Twins got terminated

4 No musical talent required
5 Not enough credit to the original

Nightcore should cry and will say sorry.

Cover artist get a lot of flack for using someone else's lyrics but you can tell they cover songs because they genuinely like the song and want to respect it. They usually use their own instruments to change the song from its genre or tone and add to the song and band instead of leeching off it. Nightmare artist do it because they known it'll get popular and therefore they'll get popular. There's no love nor respect for the artist as seen when most of the time, they forget to mention the original band/artist in the title and instead put it as a footnote in the description.

6 It's just songs sped up

It really is - Attackonfatman

Only nightcore song that I like is "Angel with a shotgun"

They have some weird song called tongue twister.

At least there's some creativity, some art to vaporwave.

7 It sounds stupid

Nightcore sounds like a baby squirrel trying to get an acorn fall from the tree by screeching at it

It's sounds like childish and annoying too! - Crystalsnow

8 It's lazy

There is a song called Rockfeller Street like the tik tok meme the original only has 2m views while the nightcore has 24m views. That's insulting and a disgrace to Getter Jaani (the original artist) who actually took the effort and had the talent to make the song. Not to mention in the original Getter's voice sounds like an angel, but the nightcore sounds like 5 year old chipmunks. - XxembermasterxX

They may have make lots of money.But they din't deserve it.And they ruin songs,covers are better than nightcore.It's just a song that speed up.It's take no effort to make it right.It's not a genre.For the end of nightcore itself

Me on a regular basis whenever I try to search for an anime theme song on YouTube:

Let's see... Which one isn't nightcore... There!

*Clicks on the thumbnail and plays video, only to find it is actually nightcore*


9 It has nothing to do with anime

I never understood in the first place why they have anime covers - TwilightKitsune


10 It ruins your favourite songs

It also makes you forget how the original song sounds like. it's infuriating

Why do people speed up rock songs?

It Just ruined many of my favorite songs.. And sounds like high pitched voices and gets very anoying. Bans nightcore*

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11 It destroys good songs

Some songs DO work sped up, mainly electronic songs. Others DON'T. Then there's the time that it is definitely way too sped up and/or pitched, which is even more infuriating.

It speeds up vocals and adds techno beats to classic rock and metal songs and adds anime girls.

True. This song named "Crystal Corruption" now sounds like a dog made it due to listening to the nightcore version. I know the nightcore version is okay in my opinion, but it ruined the fun experience listening to the original.

My classmate showed me it and it ruined my love for songs!

12 Anybody can make it

I cannot make nightcore and a lot people make the song to high pitched and speed up to master the real art of nightcore you have to make sure its not just one minute and speed up I do not find that appealing! instead you just have to higher the pitch and you have to make sure its just right to not make seem to high or low and that can be hard with some song that are high and low switching on and off do more research on nightcore music before you post hate comments(:.

None of your arguments even make sense, your probably just some nightcore fan that thought of those not even valid arguments at the top of your head. - XxembermasterxX

No, anyone can I could easily download a software, and a song of my choice then BOOM nightcore. - XxembermasterxX

It is speed up song's anyone can speed up a song and change the pitch.

Anybody can make nightcore songs. some 4 year old kid goes onto a music website, and hits the 2x speed button. "fasther is better" they say.

13 Sounds like Alvin and the Chipmunks

I want Nightcore to take down songs so that America could be great again.

Nightcore should act like a baby.

I don't hate nightcore, but it has ruined a few OK songs.
It kinda spoiled This Is Me from Camp Rock when I heard it's Nightcore Version on a ROBLOX game, when I heard it, I turned my speakers to 0 as soon as possible. That is one song which sounds better normal pitched. - flagfan02

14 It ruins metal songs the most

Metal elitist alert. - Jackamalio

I wonder if there are Cannibal Corpse ones?
They better have anime Corpsegrinder for the cover! - EliHbk

15 It's annoying to listen to
16 Ruins popular songs

I agree. It just ruins everything. Even for my favorite songs. We should have a talk. Remember that VinnyO made a video in June, he made a video called #stopnightcore and I think the YouTubers have self-respect. The y are hurting the artists, it’s not music and a genre, it’s unoriginal and it’s plagirism. Stop this nonsense!

17 It's a cash grab

Nightcore is just a way to make a profit because the people who use it are just lazy and don't want to make there own song and therefore also don't want to get copyrighted. On songs that are already bad like Despacito, it makes it 246823485456x worse. If you think about it, Nightcore is pirating, and pirating songs is illegal, and plus, who wants to hear chalkboard screeching and Mario screaming?

18 It's a disgrace to music

Imagine a song that has a haunting theme let's say Drunken Whaler. In the original, it is pretty scary. Now if its nightcore, it takes that feeling away - YourWaifuSucks

I hate you all I LOVE nightcore you all just have bad tast in mucise:( you all just need to find the right song on nightcore and there is SOME song that r just bad really bad but hey just try to find a good song that you like to lisen to. I LOVE LOVE LOVE river flows in you it just make all my anger go away just licen to some time. you like it

19 Only a few songs are legit edits
20 It makes good songs sound bad and already bad songs sound even worse
21 It makes already bad songs worse
22 There's really no point to it
23 They put anime covers on it even if it's not an anime song

Make sure it's a popular yaoi couple for double the views! - XxembermasterxX

I don't get why? - Crystalsnow

Well, they speed up music, put in a picture of an anime girl, and post. Profit.

Lol true - EliHbk

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24 It's ripping off the original songs
25 They Use Copyrighted Art For the Covers
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1. It's just songs sped up
2. It's lazy
3. It destroys good songs
1. Anybody can make it
2. It ruins your favourite songs
3. It sounds stupid
1. Not enough credit to the original
2. It steals copyright songs
3. It doesn't sound good


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