Top 10 Reasons Nintendo is Better Than Disney


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1 Nintendo makes high quality products

Other than them both being companies, it's pretty dumb to compare a company that primarily makes video games to a company that primarily focuses on animation. Also, I like both Nintendo and Disney. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Why does this loser hate Star Fox Zero so much? I liked that game and I thought it was a good game, too.

Star Fox Zero is high quality and a good game.

Pokemon and Mario are better than Disney Infinity. - AnimeDrawer

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2 Nintendo does not make terrible songs

What terrible Disney songs? I'm sure there aren't some bad ones but Disney can't be that bad. - DapperPickle

True, But The New Battlefield Theme For Smash 4 Is Terrible - VideoGamefan5

Lengend of zelda rocks (even though their songs are more classical)

3 Nintendo has a better fanbase

That's...not really true. - DCfnaf

Nope. - ParkerFang

No, Not Really, Nintendrones Need To realize not every fps game sucks - VideoGamefan5

4 Nintendo owns some of the best selling video game franchises

Yes, but Disney isn't really a video game company. - DCfnaf

What about Disney Infinity? But yeah, I honestly find Nintendo games better than those. - AnimeDrawer

Disney Has Kingdom Hearts - VideoGamefan5

Whoever said Kingdom Hearts does not realize how sucky it is.

5 Nintendo has better consoles

Better Consoles, Well There Isn't Really A Disney Console I Heard Of - VideoGamefan5

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6 Mario is a better mascot than Mickey Mouse

Felix the Cat and Gertie the Dinosaur came before Mickey Mouse, so no, Mickey is not the history of animation like many have claimed. And yes, Mario, as well as Sega's Sonic, are better mascots than Mickey will ever be.

I kinda disagree with this one. I like Mario more, however Mickey Mouse is the history of animation. So that means Mickey Mouse is greater. - AnimeDrawer

Yes - DCfnaf

7 Disney makes bad shows

Star Fox Zero is a good game. Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 8 and Pokemon Sun/Moon are also good games. The Lion King is a bad movie, and The Lion Guard is a bad show. So yes, Star Fox Zero is much more "good" than The Lion King/Guard will ever be.

The Lion King was amazing but The Lion Guard was pretty bad pointing out Disney Channel's flush down the toilet. - Kid_ethinederland

Some Nintendo based shows are bad too, so not only Disney shows are bad. But Disney has worse shows though. - AnimeDrawer

Disney Makes SOME Bad Shows (Pickle And Peanut, Walk The Prank, Liv And Maddie, Kirby Buckets, Etc), And SOME Bad Films (High School Musical, The Wild, Home On The Range, Etc), But Nintendo Has Made SOME Bad games too (Mario is Missing, Star Fox Zero, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Etc) Though - VideoGamefan5

8 Nintendo has better characters

Okay, that is though. - DCfnaf

9 Disney is a rip-off in every way

How? Disney and Nintendo are targeted at two completely different things. (Yes Nintendo is older than Disney by 35 years. Look it up if you don't believe me. But the two companies are targeted for two different audiences). - Anonymousxcxc

Are you trying to troll us TwilightKitsune? - DapperPickle

10 Disney only cares about money

Nintendo has been acting this way for a while. - DCfnaf

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? Disney Has the Lion Guard

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11 Disney sexualizes young girls
12 Nintendo portrays domestic cats in a more positive light than Disney does.

Just look at some of their characters in their series. Nintendo made a game where you took care of cats in addition to dogs (Nintendogs + cats for the 3DS. One of the earliest games for that system) whereas, with a few exceptions, Disney mostly makes cats as villains, their most iconic example being Pete, Mickey's arch-nemesis. There is a rumor floating around, untrue or not, that Walt Disney himself did not like cats and was more of a dog person.

13 Nintendo has much better heroes and villains
14 Disney has The Lion King

Which is the biggest abomination of a media franchise in the whole world and nothing can change my opinion on that.

15 Disney makes terrible video games while Nintendo makes great games and systems
16 Nintendo characters don't appear in Kingdom Hearts

And I hope it'll stay that way because the last thing I want to see in the whole planet is Nintendo characters appearing in the abomination of a franchise that's supposed to be a Disney/Square-Enix collaboration. I despise KH, this is my opinion, no offense to anyone who likes KH.

17 Nintendo's franchises are more original whereas most of Disney's franchises were adaptions of public domain source material
18 None of Nintendo's villains/henchmen are hyenas
19 All of Nintendo's franchises are better than The Lion King
20 Disney is loved by the Nazis
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