Top Ten Reasons Non-School Day Homework Sucks

Everybody hates homework those days because of too much work and stress. Kids don't get enough fun and it kinda irritating for kids. Here is my list why homework from weekends and plus holiday is bad for you.

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1 You don't get to play around with your families or friends

I really wanted to play Minecraft with my friends next time but we both have homework and we don't time for fun. It was pretty sad for us. - InfernoTopTenners

I want to do my work, but NOO. HOLIDAY HOMEWORK

I really what to play on my iPhone and play roblox but " Not until u do your homework," says my mum and then the rest of my afternoon is ahh I hate homework so so so much and there is no point in homework

hey you know what happens on my favorite day,sunday?

2 No free time


I lose a lot of free time because of this homework! I really wanted to play FNAF:SL!

3 It's too hard for us to do

Screw weekend homework! Why give us homework over the weekend? - DCfnaf

4 Many kids don't do it because it's too stressful for them

As responsible as I am, I don't blame them at all, since homework is pretty much pointless... - Garythesnail

5 Holiday and weekends are supposed to be free time, not work

There's no point having a holiday if we're still doing work all day every day. Also, how will kids get time to follow their hobbies, have a social circle and learn life skills if they can't do anything that doesn't involve scrawling across stacks of paper? - Entranced98

They think that I have enough time to do a pile of homework for the weekends? No! I have stuff to do like chores, volunteering, and free time.

Home is for rest and fun while schoolwork go to school. - InfernoTopTenners

Teachers think that they can pile all the homework they want onto us and think we can do it all on the weekends/holidays. - Pegasister12

That's why they are called weekENDS the end of a stessful school week

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6 You don't have time to do it
7 Teachers don't know why they give us homework.
8 It can affect your grades

If nobody even cared, such things would be abolished. We just need to be united in homework boycott.

9 No video games V 1 Comment
10 No exercise

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11 It's pointless

Why do we even need homework? We LEARN AT SCHOOL, NOT at home.

It is pointless and that's scientifically proven fact.

12 No social life
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1. You don't get to play around with your families or friends
2. It's too hard for us to do
3. Many kids don't do it because it's too stressful for them



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