Top Ten Reasons Non-School Day Homework Sucks

Everybody hates homework those days because of too much work and stress. Kids don't get enough fun and it kinda irritating for kids. Here is my list why homework from weekends and plus holiday is bad for you.
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1 Holiday and weekends are supposed to be free time, not work

It's exactly as BlackAngel_ZombieBoy said!

School is school and home is home, so teachers, just let it be as it is! We don't have time for crappy-ass exercises and writing. There are many more things we can do than boring homework!

I could, for instance, be listening to music, playing my guitar, going out with my friends or even go shopping at the mall, when we have enough money!

So, Dear Mayor, Dear Government, what are you doing? Stop ignoring us and ban homework, already. We are just kids, not bussinessmen! We need some more free time at home! Just let us learn at school and do anything else we want after that, other than, of course, homework!

Yeah! We don't wait so long for weekends and holidays for you guys to ruin them with more school-related stuff! Holidays and weekends are given so we can get away from the stress of school! We wait for these days so we can do whatever we want! Not to get work!

Yeah! We could all be spending HOURS on what we can't do on weekdays, but NOO! You had to assign us HOMEWORK over the FUDGING WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS! And homework causes us to procrastinate. I am on my last day of mid-winter break, and I want to play Fortnite with my friends, but I can't due to all the stupid homework. SCREW ROBERTO NEVILLS! I hope he is rotting in hell!

Right! I could be listening to The Who's Live At Leeds, but I have to do boring-ass homework instead!
OK, I'm not saying homework is not important at all, but it's way too overgiven!

2 No free time

Stop making crappy fnaf comments you autistic fnaf fans!

I lose a lot of free time because of this homework! I really wanted to play FNAF:SL!

Don't use autism as an insult

"Stop making crappy fnaf comments you autistic fnaf fans! " I'm a fnaf fan and I'm not autistic so beat that

3 You don't get to play around with your families or friends

It's mid-winter break for me now and a hour ago my friend asked me to play Fortnite, but my mom said no. Why? Because of stupid homework! From middle school, you get WEEKEND homework. And even on LONG WEEKENDS! I hope Roberto Nevills is rotting in hell for his evil invention!

I really wanted to play Minecraft with my friends next time but we both have homework and we don't time for fun. It was pretty sad for us.

hey you know what happens on my favorite day,sunday?

I really what to play on my iPhone and play roblox but " Not until u do your homework," says my mum and then the rest of my afternoon is ahh I hate homework so so so much and there is no point in homework

4 Many kids don't do it because it's too stressful for them

As responsible as I am, I don't blame them at all, since homework is pretty much pointless...

I still do mine even though it’s stressful

5 It's too hard for us to do

Screw weekend homework! Why give us homework over the weekend?

6 No video games

I just wanna play Mario Kart Wii instead of learn crappy German

Video games are the best in the world

Video games are life

Video Games are best

7 You don't have time to do it

It is hard to find time to complete homework when you are in extracurriculars or have a part-time job.

8 Teachers don't know why they give us homework.

They give them out for paychecks.

9 No fun

This one time I had 2 projects to do over a 5-day weekend. One chance at a long, no-stress weekend, gone because of school, as usual.

10 No social life
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11 It can affect your grades

If nobody even cared, such things would be abolished. We just need to be united in homework boycott.

12 It's pointless

I spend 8 hours of school and at the end of the school day I just can't help but say, FREEDOM! Then I go home and school seemed to follow me on a piece of paper...I take back what I said!

You make me sit in a classroom for 8 to 9 hours a day, like a caged animal, then extend those 8 to 9 hours with homework. Are you kidding me?

It is pointless and that's scientifically proven fact.

We already spend 7 hours at school memorizing mindless facts. And then those hours are extended with MORE memorizing mindless facts. Are you serious, government?! YOU STUPID!

13 No recovery from school torture.

School torture? you want to know torture. Think of kids in the past. The cane -- if you are late.
Once you have graduated or you live in a country were graduation ceremonies are in universities, you could miss the simplicity of things of school that weren't as bad.

14 No exercise
15 Teachers don't often fully explain what to do, especially for larger projects
16 It could get in the way of your relationships

Or you can just do homework together if you guys live nearby eachother. It still sucks, but at least you've got eachother, assuming you live near eachother.

17 It's hand breaking
18 You get depression

Onions have layers and shrek gave me homework

19 It takes time out of your life

You could be hanging out with family and friends, or write short stories, but no, your time is wasted doing crappy ass-ignments that won't, at all, help you in the future.

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