Top Ten Reasons Norm of the North is Better Than the Emoji Movie

Here we have the most hated recent animated movies, NOTN and Emoji Movie, which one's best? Of course it's NOTN, and I have the reasons here.

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1 Norm is more likable than Gene, Jailbreak and Hi-5 combined.

This is unfortunately true. I hate Norm, but I have such negative grudges on everyone in the emoji movie combined. And that's saying something

Gene is more likeable then every character in notn combined. - MarioMaster101

Both are terrible. - B1ueNew

I mean both Norm Of the north and Emoji Movie suck - B1ueNew

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2 Emoji Movie rips off Inside Out, Wreck-it Ralph and The Lego Movie while Norm of the North doesn't rip off any movie!

I actually gotta disagree with norm the north not ripping off any movie. To me, the only movie I see norm the north has ripped off is Happy Feet. let me give you the list of reasons

1.norm and mumble are treated like outcasts by their own kind.(Because these two can dance, but norm is more interested into modern music while mumble tap dances because he feels, he "SPONTANEUOUS" and he hatched late than the other penguins.)
2. They go to the "human world to save their enviroment and their own kind.(norm goes to new york to stop people from building things in the arctic while mumble swim to "world unknown" to stop the "aliens" from taking their fish which caused them to starve.)
3. They have different animal friends who supports them and understood why they did this.
4.They can contact humans(while norm can contact humans with ease just by talking, mumble can contact humans with not his voice but with his feet.) at first sight.They both have a slight awkwardness ...more

Good point, I hadn't really seen Happy Feet when I made the list, (and I still haven't) - darthvadern

Happy Feet. - MarioMaster101

Actually 4 movies:emoji movie rips off wreck it ralph,the lego movie,inside out and smurfs the lost village. - itskenny

Can you see it? Emoji Movie rips off THREE MOVIES! Norm of the North was much better! - darthvadern

3 Less disgusting

True - darthvadern

4 Norm of the North has a more original plot

The emoji movie is just a giant advertisement. - itskenny

At least it's plot makes some sense, whereas emoji movie are just some unoriginal emojis going through mobile apps like Candy Crush or Instagram. - darthvadern

5 Emoji Movie tries to be cool for kids

Whereas Norm of the North tries to be a heartwarming movie, Norm is a great movie for younger children, there were only like three bathroom jokes in Norm too, and one of them wasn't even that bad. - darthvadern

I hate it when movies try to be "hip" and "cool" for kids. They always end up sounding like that one cringey teacher at school or your parents trying to be cool in front of your friends. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Better Setting

The arctic and New York, even though I've never been to the USA (I'm swedish), New York in the movie looked pretty good. - darthvadern

7 Norm of the North's characters are more likeable

No, The emoji movies's characters are. - MarioMaster101

Because they aren't rip-offs, like Jailbreak from Emoji Movie.

Besides Mr. Greene is a great vilian. - darthvadern

8 Norm of the North has a real antagonist.

Smiler - MarioMaster101

Mr. Greene is it, and he is awesomne, he is very devoloped. - darthvadern

This clearly shows you're bandwagoning, you obviously didn't watch the emoji movie, and you only hate it because everyone does - VideoGamefan5

9 Norm of the North Was at Least Low Budgeted, The Emoji Movie is Not.

Why I had never heard or can't remember it.

Yes - darthvadern

10 Norm of the North is heartwarming, Emoji Movie isn't.

It's a great adventure from start to end. - darthvadern

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11 Polar Bears are better than Emojis

Who the hell decided to make a movie about Emojis. Hi-5 is possibly looks like the weirdest character.

Polar Bears are LIVING CRETEARUES, Emojis are just some pixels! - darthvadern

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1. Norm of the North has a more original plot
2. Norm is more likable than Gene, Jailbreak and Hi-5 combined.
3. Norm of the North's characters are more likeable
1. Emoji Movie rips off Inside Out, Wreck-it Ralph and The Lego Movie while Norm of the North doesn't rip off any movie!
2. Better Setting
3. Less disgusting


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