Reasons Norm of the North is Better Than God's Not Dead 2

Pretty much everyone agrees that Norm of the North is a bad film, but no one ever talks about God's not Dead 2, a movies that's a million times worse than Norm of the North.

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1 Norm of the North didn't insult you

Egnomac, I agree with you, but I just think, with NOTN is basically the Teen Titans Go of Cinema, having all the potty humor in the world, the characters doing absolutely nothing, and most importantly, being overhated - SocialMediaStinks

For starters
1. both movies suck
2. Both movies insult you for watching it
3. Both movies will have you question the existence of god
4. Both plots are stupid
5. Both movies will make you never want to watch it again
6. Both movies will give you a headache
7. Both movies have terrible acting
8. Both movies should have never made it to theaters
9. Both will make you want to smash your dvd or blu-ray players
& last 10. Both are unnecessary - egnomac

2 Norm of the North's plot had at least some coherence to it

Not really it was confusing

I'm not saying Norm of the North has a good plot, but in it, the characters have at least a little reason behind their actions, unlike GND2, where the characters absolutely have no reason behind their action - SocialMediaStinks

3 Norm of the North's characters are more likeable

Both movies have unlikeable characters, but GND2 takes the cake. - SocialMediaStinks

4 Norm of the North isn't mean-spirited

A women talking about her faith does not deserve neglectfulness, and disdain - SocialMediaStinks

5 Norm of the North is funnier

Let's just face it. When ElectricDragont05 pointed out that Norm of the North had humour that was too lowbrow for a Happy Madison movie of our time, he was right to point out that gigantic statement. It's sick that people are being criticized for bashing Norm of the North and other films that are considered the worst of the years (some are overhated, but raise your hand up if you completely get my drill) for legitamate points.

Norm of the North did not have good jokes, but they at least tried - SocialMediaStinks

GND2 wasn't even meant to be funny. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

6 Norm of the North's music was better

No the music makes my mind hurt

7 Norm of the North tried to be heartwarming

Because Norm of the North was made by the same companies at made the Alpha & Omega sequels, I strongly deny that.

8 Norm of the North focused on the film instead of the moral

If you want to know what this means, check out my list of reasons to hate GND2 - SocialMediaStinks

9 Norm of the North's Watchable

To be honest both movies are unwatchable. - egnomac

Norm of the North has to be seen to be believed - SocialMediaStinks

10 Norm of the North's not meant to be taken seriously
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