Top Ten Reasons Not All Furries are Bad People

If I see one more "let's euthanize all furries" comment, I swear I'm going to lose it. This is a response to the "Reasons to Hate Furries" list.
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Most furries aren't actually nymphomaniacs or bestiality supporters

Furries are people who like (as things) anthropomorphic animals. I think anthropomorphic animals are awesome and I have made anthropomorphic animal characters, but I don't consider myself a furry. Keep in mind, I started creating those anthropomorphic characters I mentioned before I knew who furries were. I only knew that term (as a noun) as drawings of anthropomorphic animals.

It really disappoints me that so many people will find any excuse they can to hate on furries. No one ever bothers to actually learn about the fandom, because they think they know everything about them from mass media, like that God-forsaken episode of CSI. (You know the one I'm talking about.) TL;DR version: this is so sad can we punch Jerry Stahl in the gut?

If furries would figure out someone in their community does real bestiality, they would be hated and probably lynched virtually.

Why are there so much anti-furries in a pro-furry list anyways?

It isn't a fetish

True. I think people should love furries and learn more about us furries.

please learn more about us in a non-biased way before you try to insult us!

The policy wasn't violated? You literally just mocked them by saying they don't get past adolescence. I'm sorry no one here is refined and ends up as a businessman and banker in life.

"(T)rying to push their lifestyles on other people." What do you think this list is doing? Do you know the meaning of irony?

People have the right to be a furry

Because the Constitution, regardless of country, political view, or the like, is what judges a fandom, not an opinion.

And people have the right to be rude and obnoxious human beings, but they still shouldn't

Yup. It's right there in the Constitution. Right after the right to keep and arm bears.

It is legal to be a furry, however, it is very illegal to have sex with an animal.

Most furries aren't actually into "yiffing"

Most people judge furries because the first thing they see when they type in "furry" onto google is a bunch of E621 bullcrap. They can't find the nice side of the community like the appropriate art.

Some might call me a furry, but I don't like being associated with the fandom because of this.

That is true, for I'm a furry myself and I'm not into this thing you call "Yiffing"

Was a furry without knowing what it was for years

Anthropomorphic animals aren't a big deal

It have been going on since like ancient egyptian mythology. Get what I'm going with this?

Give me one good reason to hate furries that isn't "They are freaks." Go on.

In some religions it's a sin not hating just pointing it out.

Okay, I mean Anthropomorphic Animals with Human body parts! - TheMuslimMemer

Most furries don't obsess over fur suits

Fur suits seem pretty interesting and a lot of the fursonas portrayed through fur suits are very creative, but won’t people get very hot in them? I gotta say, people that wear fur suits are very heat-resistant people.

I feel bad for anyone wearing them in the summer.

Some prefer drawing, and some prefer painting to cosplaying.

I'm a furry and I don't own or want a fursuit

Most furries are falsely stereotyped

My friends bash furries all the time and I think what they say about them aren’t true. They say that furries are all about sex and nothing else. Real furries aren’t like that. Real furries are people who like anthropomorphic animals and they depict it by drawing (I want to learn to draw anthro characters mostly because I MADE anthro characters), fursuits/cosplaying, etc.

Yeah I have a friend who is a furry who likes to draw them, she is not like what most people think furries are like!

It gets tiring bashing furries

Guess who made this "it gets tiring bashing furries"? A toxic furry hater. A person who looks on the bad side of furries. A person who is lazy and doesn't do enough research on furries. And a person who even makes innocents think they are guilty. This thing needs to say " It gets tiring bashing furries WHO MAKE ANIMAL PORN."

seriously, go big or go home or: Do it properly or don't do it (like from Yoda: There is no try, only do).

wHy w01uD y0U 3v3n w4n7 70 845h fuRri35?!?!
Plus why make it physical? Bashing? instead of converting? The silent majority of furries just admire the NON-PORN RELATED artwork.

The little part of the silent majority make NON-PORN RELATED artwork for others to admire.

But the Loud Majority of furries Make PORN RELATED artwork for the small part of the Loud Majority to admire. That Loud Majority is like a zombie infection. And the people who don't get infected by the porn and don't join the Loud furries (good thing) will start ...more

Anybody who thinks otherwise of this is just being closed-minded. Please do your research on furries, I cannot stress this enough.

Yeah but it also gets tiring not being able to go anywhere on the internet without their animal porn being shoved down our throats.

Yeah I despise all people that hate other people just because they're different.

They go to hospitals and make children happy and raise money for charity

I heard that furries are quite altruistic and donate to many animal rights funds.

Also applies to ordinary people who donate to charity, not just furries.

At most if not all conventions they donate money to charity.

If a furry came into my hospital room I would die of cancer

Furries have existed for a long time, even before the movement

Many ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses have the heads of animals (which I think is inherently awesome) such as Anubis (jackal-headed god of the death; my personal favorite), Bastet (cat-headed goddess of cats, fertility, and protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits), Thoth (ibis or baboon-headed god of wisdom), and Sekhmet (lioness-headed goddess of war).

Ancient Egypt, ya know with Anubis

Uh...which movement, and when?

Since when?

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The community is one of the most accepting and supporting ones out there

It’s amazing how nice the people in this fandom are

Pushing them into suicide makes the situation worse

True. I don't see how making someone with particular tastes kill themselves improves the situation.

You can say the same for pushing anyone into suicide.

Most are Very Talented People

So does any other non-furries.

Furries are funny

Some furry vines are hilarious, especially those by Diezel Raccoon and Kero the Wolf (before the beastiality controversy against him).

So does any other non-furry people.

Most furries hate riffing as much as non-furries do

What is 'riffing'?

They are cute and friendly

aww well that's not true for me :/

Furries donate to charity for kids with cancer, autism, and abused animal shelters

This happens a bunch actually. At most furry conventions they donate money to charity. Anthrocon's donated $350,000 over the years.

Again, not all of them do.

Furries can have unique art styles
Most of them are kids

Young adults, but whatever,

Most can be very normal, down to earth people
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