Top Ten Reasons Not All Furries are Bad People

If I see one more "let's euthanize all furries" comment, I swear I'm going to lose it. This is a response to the "Reasons to Hate Furries" list.

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1 Most furries aren't actually nymphomaniacs or bestiality supporters

If furries would figure out someone in their community does real bestiality, they would be hated and probably lynched virtually. - Martin_Canine

As a whole, I dislike furries a lot. Individually there are probably a few decent ones, but as a community, they're as bad as weaboos. - Therandom

Actually, most of them are, although some are not.

I am NOT going to go judge all furries, everywhere. I don't do that. If you're a Furry, whatever. I don't give a damn. You draw fursonas? I don't care. Doesn't bother me. You have and wear a fursuit? Good for you. But, if you... god, how do I put this... draw pornographic depictions of your fursona characters saving sex and being naked and having boobs bigger than their heads, and cocks the same size, it's PERVERTED. I don't think all furries are gay, stupid, perverted, pedophiles, rapists, unsafe to be around, or even just BAD, but the porno stuff is disturbing and I hate it.

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2 It isn't a fetish

Well it sure ain't choir practice. Obsessions such as this are clear indication that too many people have too little to do, and probably never quite made it past adolescence.

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3 People have the right to be a furry

Because the Constitution, regardless of country, political view, or the like, is what judges a fandom, not an opinion. - Swellow

It is legal to be a furry, however, it is very illegal to have sex with an animal. - HardRockSam

Yup. It's right there in the Constitution. Right after the right to keep and arm bears.

4 Not all furries are LGBT

Don't class this as homophobia, but a lot of furries are straight compared to the stereotype "they're all gay". - Swellow

Not all of them, but an unusually large percentage. - Martin_Canine

5 Most furries don't obsess over fur suits

Some prefer drawing, and some prefer painting to cosplaying. - Swellow

6 Most furries are falsely stereotyped
7 It gets tiring bashing furries

No, it's very fun.

No it doesn't. Ever. - LordDovahkiin

8 Most furries aren't actually into "yiffing"
9 Furries have existed for a long time, even before the movement

Since when? - LordDovahkiin

10 Anthropomorphic animals aren't a big deal

It have been going on since like ancient egyptian mythology. Get what I'm going with this?

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11 Pushing them into suicide makes the situation worse

True. I don't see how making someone with particular tastes kill themselves improves the situation.

No one pushes you to suicide. Killing yourself is your choice (even though it's wrong), and your choice alone. - LordDovahkiin

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