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1 It is mean to both sides

That is what philosophy is all about. Sharing opinions and debate on that. As long as we're not starting insulting each other I don't see why it should be mean.

Wait arguing or argument, because they're totally different things. Arguing is almost like a discussion while an argument is the heated version. I'm guessing you mean argument in this case. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

No matter what religion we are, we can all co exist peacefully - TwilightKitsune

How so? there is nothing mean or disrespectfull about agrueing.

2 Not all Atheists disrespect religion

Absolutely. We just think that believing in an imaginary person no matter for how long is extremely idiotic. But then again, the modern words gives freedom for things like this.

"Believing in an imaginary person" that is disrespecting.

3 It results in both parties being unliked

That's not true. If you can write your opinions without insulting each one and other and debate in a civilized manner afterwards, I don't see what the problem would be. I'm an atheist but I like to hear other opinions just to give and exchange my opinion ( even if they find my opinion wrong ).

I'm agnostic but damn internet atheists are pure douchebags.

4 It is not Christian

God doesn't want his people to call them demons Danteem is NOT a demon he just has his own opinion - 2storm

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5 It gets other people invloved
6 Not all Christians disrespect other religions

This is true. - LordDovahkiin

7 Nobody really knows if God exists or not

A theory can only be concidered as science when there is a observation of facts. Without this we're just in the category of presumption. Without observation it can't even be called a supposition. The day that we can work on observations for the question of god would be the day to actually say if god exist or not. But this also means that at this moment the existence or non existence of a god is just a fact that makes no sense. And on something that makes no sense it's impossible and even not worth trying to speculate. It's no more than a fantasy and therefore is the interpretation of non belief the plausible (or the right one ) explanation.

Except the illuminati

I agree - RoseCandyMusic

8 You'll never convince the other side that they're wrong

You can convince an atheist to convert to Christianity if you provide evidence. If you don't provide evidence, we will still believe that we are right in that there is no God. - yuki-blue

9 Both sides will always lack sufficient evidence to truly prove to the other side that there is or isn't a God

The thing I learned is that Christians and any other religion don't need evidence, but they need something to believe in and to talk to and to trust. - AnonymousChick

Not needing evidence and needing to believe, needing to talk and needing to trust in a god is not what I call a evidence of facts and prove. It's only a subjective need of blind faith.

Except for science

10 Common knowledge tells us to never argue religion

Common knowledge tells us that it's retarded

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11 The people who argue the issue most are usually the ones who know the least
12 Because deep down, Christians know atheists are right

Who added this? I'm a Christian, and deep down I just have stuff like, "is yo Kai watch really THAT bad? " (Just so you know, it is) or "why do I really hate spiders? "

Just shut up whoever added this - 2storm

I wouldn't say that deep down they are atheists ( that would be stupid ) but I know a lot of Christians who haves doubt about their beliefs.

This is not true. I am a Christian, and I don't doubt my faith one bit. Neither do my friends, and most other Christians. - LordDovahkiin

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13 If Christians believe God loves everyone, they shouldn't argue with atheists. If atheists don't believe in God, what's the point of insulting Christians?

We don't insult Christians. We're against every religion who kills, bomb innocent people in the name of a god. I know that Christianity had a bad past in history but I know also that Christianity has becoming a more rational and peaceful religion nowadays and that religions like the Islam are the dangerous groups of today. My point is, I'm insulting groups who in the name of god do bad things and this has nothing to do with good people ( whatever they believe ). I'm an atheist but you have to admid that my reasons to despize " in the name of god killers " are justified.

It's not about insulting Christians, we just think it would be better without religion. There would be no ISIS, Nazi Germany, or Al Queda.

I'm not religious but I don't think it would ever go.
We just need to get rid of the nutters. (Ever heard of Ken Ham? Tom Carder he made CapAlert and hates every movie ever)

It's not about insulting Christians, but about stopping Riligion from beeing EVERYWHERE

14 Nobody is more superior or better than the other

Atheists are smarter than Christians

Who's smarter: People who believe the universe exploded into existence, despite being impossible to explode without a cause, or something to fuel the explosion. Like how we have gunpowder.

Or people who believe that God created us. Maybe the "Magic Bomb" is real, but God was the one that caused it. - LordDovahkiin

15 Because atheists always win

That's stupid! Atheists don't see their opinions as a competition against other people's beliefs.

Actually it usually ends up no one wins. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

Nobody wins this eternal argument.

Again, not true. - LordDovahkiin

16 Atheists can take lots of criticism

I think that atheists as well Christians can take lot of criticism to a certain level. The difference is that Christians will be quickly feeling insulted and offended. Atheists on the other hand are less offended or insulted when you tell them that they're wrong. They believe in proven things of life ( so, why should they bother if someone doesn't agree on a sure fact ). Because Christians can't prove really a existence by facts of their belief in god they will feeling other people critics as an hostility against their beliefs. In other words, atheists can take lots of criticism at a much higher level than Christians do.

Haha so can Christians. :| - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

So can Christians. I've been sitting in my chair, not getting mad or worked up at all the atheists that have flooded this list. Instead, I feel sorry for them. Because they are wrong. - LordDovahkiin

17 It's pointless
18 It makes it a breeding ground for religious trolls

This can breed the biggest atheist and Christian trolls. I've seen many on YouTube.

19 Evolution and creationism can coexist

That is true. - LordDovahkiin

20 It leads to using insults
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1. It is mean to both sides
2. It is not Christian
3. Not all Christians disrespect other religions
1. Not all Atheists disrespect religion
2. It results in both parties being unliked
3. It gets other people invloved
1. It results in both parties being unliked
2. Nobody really knows if God exists or not
3. It is mean to both sides



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