Top 10 Reasons to Not Be a Christian

Pretty much my response to the list of Top Ten Reasons to Be a Christian. This list is to show the truly bad consequences of what being Christian would be like. You can be religious all you want but I'm telling you right now that you will be facing these consequences.

The Top Ten

1 Nobody Really Knows What Happens After Death

This list is offensive, and should be removed. - InfinateSuperstorm

2 Christianity Is Incredibly Difficult to Get Into
3 You Don't Get Your Morals From Christianity. You Get Them From Your Mind
4 You're Literally Giving Your Heart to Some Random Guy You've Never Even Met

As I christian I don't need to give my heart to Jesus, I don't do anything... what, who did wrote this. - Johnalove

5 Christianity Isn't the True Religion
6 You Can't Use Cuss Words

That's a lie many christians sometimes curse but not always like eric cartman - BoyGenius234

You can. - Johnalove

7 Christianity Has Done More Harm Than Good in the Past

Fewer total people have been killed in the US by anti-abortion violence combined in history, than were killed in 15 seconds during the Paris attack on the newspaper office by radical Muslims. Stoning of homosexuals? When did that happen?

8 Most Christians Use God's Plan As Justification to Do Bad Things

Most? Most Atheists are child molesters. See how that works?

Not most, many, but only back then, not nowdays. - Johnalove

God's plan + free will equals...?
Nope, doesn't add up.

God’s Plan? Isn’t that some song by Drake?

9 Jesus Still Hasn't Returned After 2,000 Years
10 Jesus Probably Wasn't Even Magic

The Contenders

11 You are told what Music, Movies, Shows, and Video Games you're allowed to watch/listen to, and not watch/listen to

I know that not all christians are like that, but there's defiantly a sizable chunk of them which are like this. You know the type of christian which will tell you Metal, or any kind of music which is not christian in nature is bad. The type of christian parent which will only allow their kids to watch G rated Movies when they're 18. Hell, there's even christian colleges out there which ban their students from watching R Rated movies, and Porn. Like Come on, we are Adults! You don't have to tell us what we are allowed to watch, and not watch!

12 Ridiculous Stories

The stories make no sense. Especially Noah's Ark. You're gonna tell me, that Noah put EVERY single animal on Earth into a boat for 40 DAYS, while getting rid of animal waste, feeding them, keeping the ship afloat, and keeping animals from being hostile? Ya, okay pal.

Stories? They are Parables. - Johnalove

13 You Don't Have to Be a Christian in Order to Believe in God
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