Top Ten Reasons Not to Be a Homophobe


The Top Ten

1 Nobody will like you

I sure don't like people like that but I can't be mean can I - kosdff

2 Everyone will call you mean
3 You are totally outnumbered

If you check the polls, you'll see that a majority of America (and possibly the world) is in FAVOR of gay marriage.

4 Rainbows are awesome

I know right I mean who doesn't want to fart rainbow and fly :P - CerealGuy

5 You will be left out because who likes homophobes
6 Nobody will care about anything you say
7 Gay marriage is legal in America
8 You're discriminating against someone that is different

Accurate enough. I'm straight and catholic by the way. - Therandom

9 You are boring if you are one

I'm not sure that being homophobic will automatically make you boring. But ok I guess.

10 Because it's not bad to be gay

This makes no sense by the way do you hate me anonymouse chick? - kosdff

It all comes down to this. It doesn't matter that you'll be ostracized (even if its kinda true), its just the fact that being gay isn't bad. - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 As time goes on, you'll be taken less seriously
12 You will be known to use the victim card

Every single anti gay marriage ad has some homophobes saying "We're scared we will get a divorce" or "I'm scared to say my opinion on it". Basically, you become a wuss.

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