Top Ten Reasons to Not Be Naked When Eating Food


The Top Ten

1 In Case You Choke and Have to Run to the Neighbors House to Get the Heimlich
2 So You Won't Accidentally Vomit On Your Body
3 In Case You Get Diarrhea
4 So It Won't Be Awkward When Your Mom Brings You Your Plate
5 So People Won't See You Nude When You Pass by the Window to Get a Soda
6 In Case You Drop It and Then Slip
7 In Case You Think of a TheTopTens List
8 In Case You Forgot It Was a Family Dinner
9 Because Being Naked Feels Weird If You're Not Alone
10 Because Your Parents and Siblings Don't Wanna See Your Genitalia

The Contenders

11 If it's hot, and you drop it on yourself
12 In Case You Get a No-Reason Boner
13 In Case You Watch Porn In the Kitchen
14 You'll Ruin Your Appetite With Your Own Gross Body
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