Top 10 Reasons to Not Be Over-Nostalgic

Stop living in the past so much. There are many reasons why we move on with our lives you know. And I've compiled a list of reasons why you should get out of the past and into the future.

The Top Ten

1 You only live once

So don't waste it on living in the past so much. Really think about this. - DarkMatter1997

2 We let go of the past for a reason
3 You don't want to revisit some bad memories of yours

Yeah, it was only until mid-2016 when my autism wasn't that prominent of a role in my personality - SpectralOwl

I know I don't want to. - DarkMatter1997

Oh wow, you’re right.

4 Sometimes you need to focus on your future
5 Times change and certain things need change
6 Not everything made back then was good

The 20th century still had crappy movies, games, shows, etc. Is it really a surprise that entertainment nowadays blows? - DarkMatter1997

A lot of things have gotten better over time. Women and black people have gotten more rights and better roles in T.V. shows and films. - girlcool

You have a good point, There are lots of good movies, games, T.V. shows etc. these days

7 You have to grow up and move on with your life
8 Being over-nostalgic can make you depressed

"I want to die because it's not 1995 anymore" - SpectralOwl

9 Not everything was perfect back then

There were still wars, bombings, shootings, murders, etc. The world has always been messed up so get over it already. - DarkMatter1997

10 You can't magically go back in time

It's just not that simple. Humans can't magically teleport back to the past so why even bother? - DarkMatter1997

What if Christopher Lloyd makes a time traveling device? - girlcool

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