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Religious beliefs hold back education and science

We have actually the knowledge to create life or even cloning ( using cells to create life ). If that science has so many critics it's because religious institutions think that we are messing with god's creation. And I'm talking about one thing here. Theories about how life started ( there are many plausible theories, not only the big bang ) are also getting critics by religion. In other words ; Religion is certainly holding back or at least slowing down progressions made by science and therefore the teaching or education about those progressions.

If science education is cut off in schools, we would advance medically very slowly and many more people will die of cancer and other diseases than they have to, and who knows? That could be you. - Songsta41

Atheists believes not only in the big bang theory. There are lot of other theories who are equally plausible as the big bang theory. If this other theories are less popular it's just because a priest proposed the big bang theory and they won't accept other more scientefic theories. So, yes, religion is trying to hold back science and the education.

There were 2 parents who due to their huge faith in their religion believed that they didn't need to take their children to the doctor even though one of them got pneumonia and died. - Ihateschool

Christianity caused the dark ages

Actually, Christianity started in Rome, while the Dark Ages occurred a few hundred years prior, for completely different reasons. I’m an atheist, but I’m a nerd in general and just wanted to do some editing. Hope that clears things up.

Let's not let history repeat itself. - Songsta41

Save the children...

Religions are another series of groups which evoke genocide

Um, who developed the Atomic bomb and other weapons of mass destruction? - Billyv

Funny that you refuse to show comments about Atheists committing genocide.

Make one. There aren't any, and you should know that people can't moderate list comments. - Songsta41

Largest genocides of the past 100 years:
Mao Zedong=Atheist
Hitler=Atheist (although born Catholic)
By the way, Mao's genocide of 65 million civilians is the largest in human history.

The Holocaust? The Spanish inquisition? Those were only two, not to mention the many, many more incidents when people have been killed or genoicde has been committed because of religion. - Songsta41

The stories about the religions are far-fetched and false

With all the religions in the world, there can only be one right one if they are all very intricate. The most likely religion to be true is atheism, which isn't a religion at all.

Nobody has proof. We mustn't argue simply.

Religion is faith! Look, I respect your beliefs and everything, but this list is taking religion too far.

And you can scientificly prove this how?

You have to pray

My friend MADE me pray and I hated it and she was all like "you're doing it wrong. If you don't pray to god satan will get you. Satan is trying to get to you"

If we're wasting time praying, Atheists are wasting time trying to disprove a religion they believe is false.

Who wants to take time in the day to pray to a made up figure? That's like praying to Shrek every night before bed.

Aw geez, some people out there really love Shrek, and I did not need the reminder!

You do not HAVE to pray, it's a choice you make. I'm a Christian, pentecostal, I don't pray everyday, I don't read my bible everyday. Sure, we have to go to church a few times a week, but what's so big about that?

Most Christian groups practice and promote the hatred of homosexuals


Scientific arguments are unlike religious arguments, in that they are based on evidence and peer reviewed support

Faith without evidence of proof is blind faith and a very stupid way of life. How could you living reasonless with faith?

I have faith that science is true and that religion is not.

We don't need proof, all we need is faith. - Puga

Most people use religion as an excuse to do whatever they want

And they say that god give them free will and whenever they do something wrong with their free will they say that god will forgive ( fancy ethic to clear their conscience ). Religion is the most hypocrit way of living!

That's why terrorists continue to be asses - Ihateschool

Most religious people are not open-minded to other people's beliefs

Not saying ALL are. Just some people that I know in real life. Like my teacher is a Hindu and some of the students in the class who were Christians were against that and started complaining.

The Islam will tell you that it is a religion of love and understanding but behind your back they despize you. It's the most hypocrit religion in the world.

Religious abuse

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Most religious people have been paranoid that the Devil will take control of their lives

My friend told me I was "controlled by satan" because I said "Why is church so earliy and on Sunday"

Most people have taken religion to the extreme
Religion hurts people sometimes
Religion brainwashes you permanently


Nobody knows who "God" actually is
Your parents and you have different views on them

My parents (especially my mom) is religious and I'm not. I asked a question about it once and my mom thinks that I'm insulting her religion. SERIOUSLY? >:(

Most religious people have wasted their lives by rushing into getting into Heaven
Religion has led to most extremist groups
Religion has been harmful to most individuals
Religion is cowardly
People kill over it
The rules for religion are contradictory
If there is the "right" religion, no other religions would exist
People select only the rules they want to follow
Science is disproving religion more and more
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