Top 10 Reasons to Not Be a Wannabe Gangster

Now these days you got these fake, phony rappers who had nothing to do with the ghetto or the hood. People who lived in nice neighborhoods with lots of good cash pretend to be hardcore rappers who act like they're from the hood or the ghetto (I'm looking at you Drake). These are the 10 reasons why you should NOT become a wannabe gangster because if you do, you might end up regretting it.
The Top Ten
1 You'll Get Yourself in Prison
2 You Might Actually Get Into a Real Life Situation
3 It's Better to Be Yourself
4 You'll Make Yourself Look Bad
5 People Will Not Appreciate You for Being Fake

Being fake is never good, it shows that your not in love with yourself and you don't like t he way you look. If your ugly ( not saying anyone is), your beYOUtiful just the way you are! Make-up may be Make-up, but it doesn't help to hide or make you look pretty ( even though it does). You have ignite yourself, the real you not some fake you who's rich with a mansion! You gotta be you and no one else! - cupcakestop26

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