Top 10 Reasons to Not Bring Up Terrible Celebrities Anymore

It's something that has been on my nerves. Lately I've seen users talk about terrible celebrities (whether it be comedians, music artists, etc) who are completely and utterly irrelevant. It bothers me because we're bringing up stupid celebrities who are no longer popular. Just stop doing it already. It's almost like you want them to be popular. How would you people like it if Justin Bieber keeps getting talked about even though he's completely irrelevant (I know he's not entirely irrelevant yet but he's bound to be in the next few months or so)?

What inspired me to make this list was MontyPython's list of artists who will make you lose faith in modern music. Don't get me wrong people, I love MontyPython. She's a really nice user and she's made awesome lists and this isn't at all an attack against her. But her list of the artists who will make you lose faith in modern music has artists who are completely irrelevant (I'm not saying she added them on there, some random users did). Do we really want those artists becoming more popular? No. And who cares if someone likes One Direction or Justin Bieber. Lets just not bring them up if we don't want them getting any more attention.

The Top Ten

1 You're Making It Look Like You Want Them to Be Relevant

Exactly! Just move on and focus on what you like instead! - Misfire

Justin Bieber haters in a nutshell

2 You Might Make Them Popular Again
3 Let Go of the Past
4 Move On With Your Life
5 Most Terrible Celebrities Haven't Been Relevant for Years
6 Bad Role Models are Bad for the Future

That's exactly true. The Paul brothers are a horrible role models that are bad for the future and do terrible things. They teach their fans (especially younger ones whom I feel very sorry for) buy doing stupid things for attention, telling men it's alright to abuse women (also other way around) and especially their teach their viewers about it's funny to laugh at a a dead body when it's DISCUSTING, WRONG AND TWISTED.

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