Reasons Not to Brush Your Teeth

The Top Ten Reasons Not to Brush Your Teeth

1 Toothbrushes are expensive

This list is dumb.

Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist for you is almost $100, and that's not counting cavity removal. - nerffan8000

They cost one to three dollars. Unless you're homeless or in debt that shouldn't be a big deal.

Some yes, but they cost like 3 bucks, how cheap can you be - RustyNail

2 It takes too much time

You can't take 2 minutes out of your day to prevent your teeth from yellowing and falling out? - RustyNail

Yeah, because two minutes is SO LONG.

2 minutes is not that long. - Randomator

Brushing your teeth: 2 minutes
Masturbating to honeybooboo’s mom: 7 hours

�" - Not_A_Weeaboo

3 Yellow teeth are better than white teeth

In what sense? Pearly white teeth show that your mouth is healthy.

Nope. Glad you can type cause I don't think you will have teeth in a few years - RustyNail

So you want rotting and smelly teeth, can't blame you

I like how if I scroll down there’s an ad for whitening your teeth.

4 You have to do it too many times

Once a day is better than never. Dental issues can result in disease you know.

5 Toothpaste tastes bad

Someone feel victim to the cream cookie prank, eh?

You’re not supposed to eat it! - Randomator

6 Food will be brushed of your teeth

I'm not surprised that the person who made this list is called honeybooboofan, must be her only fan - RustyNail

7 Teeth are not that important

They're used for breaking down food so it can move more smoothly through the digestive system. Of course they're important.

What effort? - RustyNail

8 It's boring

Its not supposed to be fun dude - RustyNail

Ran out of ideas, huh?

Stupid reason - Randomator

9 People survived before toothbrushes were invented

They had their methods. But gum disease was still a thing back then.

You need to brush your teeth. You could get sick if you don’t. I am being serious

10 Some celebrities don't brush their teeth

And you're saying we should look up to a celebrity who refuses to do something as mundane as brushing their teeth? mean like honey boo boo I'm guessing. - RustyNail

I heard a celebrity who don't brush their teeth her name is Jessica (i forget the last name) and she's at the list of people who have bad hygene

The Contenders

11 Toothbrushes are ugly

You looked in a mirror lately?

you are. - Not_A_Weeaboo

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