Top Ten Reasons Not to Fall a Sleep During School


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1 You could miss a whole class lesson

You have the whole internet to research about your lessons...

I read in advance by three lessons. No problem - Fandom_Lover

I've got Accelerated W.H., if I feel the need to sleep, I shall. If I want to sleep in biology, I shall. - Therandom

Finally another positive list in the Education > Culture category!
apparently it seems like most of the lists in there are pretty much negative, showing that the stereotype student hates school. I don't. - SoaPuffball

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2 You will not know what to do on homework

I can just ask my classmates afterwards.

It depends how hard the homework is. - cosmo

Puh-leeze, can't you just read the instructions on the homework page?

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3 The other kids won't wake you up and you may wake up in a different class period

That would be very strange, like waking up on an entirely different planet. - Martinglez

Um no, people wake up other people all the time in my class

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4 You could get a referral or detention

Probably the most realistic item on this list

This is the only good one on the list.

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5 Your teacher may call you mom V 2 Comments
6 You might snore and the will class laugh at you

I hate it when people laugh at people not because they did something funny - Nateawesomeness

This really happened to a kid in my school before - Bicsess

7 It's not cool to sleep in class

I've seen a girl fall asleep with a pencil in her hand, after fifteen minuets the pencil was still in her hand, she is ILLUMINATI!

It isn't but it does look funny. I've seen kids sleep in class before. - cosmo

I sleep in class, but I manage to catch up with the lessons.

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8 You might dream out loud V 1 Comment
9 You may sleep walk

This is just insane. Sleeping just feels so good! Even one of my classmates brought a pillow to school!

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10 You might talk in your sleep

This would be pretty embarrassing!

If my sister fell asleep in class, she'd end up yelling at me in her sleep. "STAAHHP, JIWIAN! PLAYE with ME, JIWIAN! " - Merilille

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11 The teacher will make a show out of waking you up

Slamming a book on your desk, angry yelling, passive aggressive yelling, and many more. A teacher once threw balls of paper at me until I woke up.

12 You could miss the "This will be on the quiz/test/exam" moment
13 You could wake up with a puddle of drool on the desk
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1. You could miss a whole class lesson
2. You will not know what to do on homework
3. The other kids won't wake you up and you may wake up in a different class period



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