Top Ten Reasons Not to Feed TheTopTens Trolls


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1 It's what they want

Bingo! People (for whatever reason) tend to feed trolls without knowing that's what they want. So basically you're falling under their trap. They want you to get offended and worked up about it. Show some respect for yourself at least.

I used to feed them, but now I don't anymore. Most trolls fail at trolling anyways. - cosmo

What if we Troll the Trolls?

TheLoudHouseSucks for example

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2 Trolls are looking for trouble
3 Trolls know people will keep feeding them

Trolls are smart. Ex: JBL, Btdr, Koolguy, and the original troll, BBYES. - Therandom

4 Trolls know that users have fed previous trolls

It really is easy to troll people on this site.

5 It's pointless to
6 If you don't feed the troll, they'll stop
7 If you don't feed the troll, they may go away
8 People complaining about the trolls is the reason the policy exists

Which is something I am against. - Therandom

I am also against that. - Powerfulgirl10

9 Feeding trolls only makes you seem more immature

That's what happened to me on JBL's lists. I deleted some of the comments though. - Powerfulgirl10

10 Feeding trolls is completely pointless

"Troll" is a term concocted by Internet users to marginalize anyone whose opinion doesn't comply with the groupthink embraced by "regulars" on any given site. "Feeding" trolls is no more than actually engaging that differing opinion in logical debate; something rare on this site, where the "safe space" of groupthink seems the prime directive. Deletions (censorship) of comments offering facts and logical argument, which the group cannot counter, are the norm, here. "Fandoms" are often sharply criticized by users of this site, who seem blissfully unaware that they comprise their own.

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11 Most of them worship Tails

ToadF1 is a brat, thus is bigger trash.

Tails is a good character. Stop whining and start respecting opinions.

Tails fans never mean any harm when it comes to liking their favorite character and they don't do anything to hurt you. If anything, Shadow has a worse fanbase..

12 You could be doing other things

Such as making a list like this one... - Therandom

13 They'll only make it worse.
14 People will call you "stupid" and "gullible" for it

Some people think responding to a troll list automatically means you're stupid.

15 They are the revolution
16 Tracking down trolls makes you worse than the troll
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1. Feeding trolls only makes you seem more immature
2. Feeding trolls is completely pointless
3. It's what they want
1. It's what they want
2. Trolls are looking for trouble
3. Trolls know people will keep feeding them


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