Top 10 Reasons Not to Give Up on TheTopTens


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1 You Can Get Popular

Is this list about popularity. Well, I am doing things here not for popularity. I am trying to add more stuffs for the next generations and visitors who will visit here and find some stuff useful. Cause there was a time when I found a lot of songs from TTT. back then I was a visitor. Like the previous users who contributed and helped me finding all the stuffs, I am trying to do the same. - zxm

2 It's Fun

It is fun, I like to message users and chat with them. Also, creating lists is pretty cool and making blogs is very creative.

It hasn't fun for quite a while. Was fun in 2014. Then admin turned into a nonk. Blogs are basically the only reason this site is still alive, which is ironic for a list site. - Puga

3 You Can Get Followers
4 It's Fun Making Lists

Yep - Stevenpenguin

5 You Can Make Friends

This list doesn't apply to me. Reasons to give up on thetoptens does.

6 You Can It Explore Heaps of TheTopTens Lists
7 You Can Add Photos
8 You Can Remix Other People's Lists

Yes, its important. Remixing a list can change the status of list. And also can correct the wrong items - zxm

9 You Can Give Your Opinion on a List

That is the thing I like about this site, it is so cool that we can give opinions on an interesting topic.

10 You Can Chat With People

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11 You Can Add Stuff For The Next Generations
12 You Can Login and Do Heaps More Stuff
13 It's Cool
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