Top Ten Reasons Not to Go to Disney World

Disney World "the happiest place on earth" really isn't the happiest place on earth. More like the most overrated place on earth. Today I will be giving reasons behind why you should not go to Disney World at all.

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1 Too pricey

A good reason, I don't think an Annual Pass is worth it unless you go to Florida at least thrice a year - Maddox121

Okay I'm not a big fan of this list. These are very petty reasons to hate an amusement park and most of them can apply to ANY amusement park. This item, though, I genuinely agree with. Merchandise at all of their parks have insane prices. - Mcgillacuddy

It's 20$ for a pen with Mickey Mouse on it. Enough said. - BananaBrain

Literally everything is way overpriced - Randomator

2 The lines are always super long

Yeah... Space Mountain for 5 hour lines or Goliath at Six Flags Over Georgia for a 10 minute line? - Maddox121

Its even worse if you've waited for hours only for the ride to break down. - egnomac

I hate waiting so long for a ride and it ends up not being as exciting as you thought - Randomator

It can be annoying, but just learn how to wait and have patience. - Misfire

3 It's full of childish adults

The people are ridiculous. From rude to sometimes even psychotic. - BananaBrain

My Grandma is in her 60's but she goes to Disney World by herself at least twice a year.

I must say I'm surprised no one as put Gay Days as a reason - germshep24

The people that go there shouldn’t necessarily facilitate whether the rides are good or not. - Archived

4 The staff is creepy

Did you see the video of Pluto chasing a little kid. It's so creepy! Would you really wanna take your kids somewhere ran by creeps?

5 The alligator incident

One off incident, every theme park doesn't have a perfect record. - Maddox121

Not like any other amusement park has had incidents like these before. - Archived

Do you want your kid to get eaten by an alligator? - BananaBrain

Which one - Ashes

6 The rides are too dangerous

From kids getting their heads stuck to falling off slides, these rides need a lot more work. - BananaBrain

7 Some insane people get married there

Who would get married in the most childish and overrated place on earth? Not me! - BananaBrain

8 It's in Florida

Florida man eats Mickey Mouse statue and yeets it into a volcano

Disney World and Florida Heat is not a good combination. Go in the winter months

That was the only good thing for me. We went South to siesta key Beach afterward

Yeah, and Florida had the 2016 Orlando shooting which makes it even more bad.

Yeah, because Florida is the only state that has school shootings.

Nice try bud.

9 It's only for kids

Just like how MLP, Looney Tunes, Winnie The Pooh, Coloring Books, Pools, Waterslides and E-rated games are only for kids *sarcasm*

You mean kids at heart. Anyone can go as long as they aren't hurting anyone.

The adults can be a child at heart. This place is meant for all ages, actually.

Actually, it's for all ages to be honest

10 The food is terrible

Best ribs I have ever tasted! You can't say that about Disney! Their food is amazing. And Disney is haunted, COOL! Mascots are not real, WHO CARES! It is still magical, food is great, best place for weddings and proposals, and amazing rides! I don't even know how they did Pandora: Flight of passage.

The chefs cook like toddlers I swear

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? You'd Probably Get Covid-19

Yeah this list

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11 There are many pedophiles

Every childish place has at least one creepo. Disney's trying their best. - Maddox121

Why does this matter, kid friendly things are always going to attract pedophiles, if their not doing pedophilesque thing how is any one supposed to know? - germshep24

If your talking convicted pedophiles, then there are strict rehabilitation rules, where their placed in an area where there is a decreased chance of the person running into kids, which means they wouldn't be able to live anywhere near Disneyland - germshep24

Pedophile deserve to be whipped with rusty whips. - AlphaQ

Why are they even allowed there? - JoeBoi

Hey can not deny the pass to anyone, they must first know if it is pedophile - MaximusKing

12 People Have Died There

Every major theme park has at least one fatal accident. - Maddox121

Many deaths are due to preexisting medical conditions when they were riding.
They shouldn’t go on the crazy rides with a medical condition.
That’s why they have those warnings.

13 Disney's leftist agenda

No... it's not for the non-whites and female characters. It's mainly for turning white characters black, banning abortion, halting Georgia production, etc.

Can someone please explain the logic of this one I really don't understand how someone can come to this conclusion? If it is because they have non-white stars and female stars that wouldn't be a leftist agenda, that would just mean inclusionary which would be a good thing

I swear people act like having non-whites and female characters is a horrible thing. This shouldn't even be on the list.

14 No shades in Toy Story Land

Classic Gregory reasoning, by now nobody cares except Greg himself. - Maddox121

That’s the biggest problem with Toy Story Land, therefore children and parents risk heatstroke, dehydration, and sun damage (risking skin cancer).
Did you know 1 instance of sun damage leading to burning increases the risk of skin cancer by 50%.
Plus people try to stay hydrated and there are water stations, but Disney’s water is gross and I learned it’s from sulfur from the Florida Aquifer and Disney’s too cheap to keep it clean and safe.
Yet people can get sick or even die of poisoning from sulfur, as it’s toxic.
Yet their water also contains bromine, which (while less intense than chlorine) is carcinogenic, meaning it leads to cancer. - Gregory

15 It’s crowded

So many people want to go and that’s the result

16 It is in the same city the 2016 nightclub shooting happened

*rolls eyes* No. - Maddox121

17 People dump dead people's ashes there

Disney banned people for that - Maddox121

18 It's Haunted
19 The characters are not real

yeah so? - AlphaQ

Dumb reason. - RobertWisdom

20 Their water stinks

Because it’s filled with sulfur from the Florida aquifer and Disney’s too cheap to purify it, so guests are at risk of sulfur poisoning.
Doesn’t Disney know about safety!?

21 Kids throwing tantrums

No wonder it’s not the happiest place on Earth.
The slogan is a lie for over marketing. - Gregory

22 People swearing

They say no profanity, yet people do it.
Now they especially can’t help it when riding thrill rides such as Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, The Tower of Terror, Flight of Passage, and Mission: Space. - Gregory

23 Rude People
24 No Kingdom Hearts
25 Their History of Animal Abuse
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